Link-Up: May Favorites

Okay, so this post is a little late, but better late then never, right?

I am joining Vicki from Domestic Mamma, Light & Sweet, and A Slice of Mudpie to co-host a linkup each month and it’s all about our favorites of the month. So each month we’re going to answer these questions and see how our favorites change month by month. It will be pretty interesting to see. We’ll all see how much we each change over time, and how quickly! So you should do it too and see how much your opinions and favorites change each month.

All you have to do is write a post about your likes/dislikes once a month and link up!

Check out my April Favorites here.

Here are the questions for May:

1. What’s your must watch, can’t live without television show at the moment?

Just last night Kyle and I started watching the Bachelorette with Des. So far she pretty much got rid of all the people I would have gotten rid of, so she’s off to a good start. At this point, most shows’ seasons are over, so I’m glad there are a few shows that start in the summer to hold us over until the fall 😉

2. What’s that one thing you have been craving lately?

Well, I haven’t actually been craving any food lately, which is weird… But I have been craving something: That the weather gets warmer so I can finally start surfing. I have never surfed, but it’s pretty much been a lifelong dream of mine. Kyle and I went and bought our first surfboard yesterday, a cheap beginner’s one at Costco for just a hundred bucks (big thanks to my friend Rachel who has a Costco card!!!). So now we just need to wait until it gets a little warmer at the beach (because we’re wimps when it comes to cold water).

3. What pair of shoes are you completely head over heels in love with right now?

Well, my favorite easy to wear flip flops that are my go-to shoes in warmer weather broke about a month ago. And then my second favorite (which are exactly the same except they are brown instead of black) I left in a hotel in san jose when we went on our trip over memorial day weekend. So I had to go to Old Navy to get some replacements (2 for $5!):

(As you can see, I have already worn in my black ones!)

4. Which 2 bloggers are you crushing on this month?

I’ve been reading a lot of Mailbox Journey this month. I’ve also hopped over to Attempts at Domestication, HumberHome Project, First Home Dreams, Fantastic Voyage, Laid Off Mom, and of course Domestic Mamma. Sorry, I know that’s more than two.

5. What tune got stuck in your head and you just can’t get enough?

I really don’t listen to music much. And nothing’s totally sticking out in my mind. Although I do recently like of monsters and men safe to shore, and Ho Hey from the Lumineers.

6. Apps? What app has you all excited?

Okay so I finally got a smart phone everyone (since I lost my purse/phone last month)! So now I have my first apps. The first apps I have downloaded so far are call blocker and instagram. I also downloaded two games, hungry birds, and bubble hit. Bubble hit is super fun to play on the computer, but it’s hard to aim accurately on a smart phone.

7. What is that one accessory that you’ve been taking everywhere?

Sunglasses have become the number one thing I take everywhere because I can’t stand strong sunlight, and I even wear sunglasses when it’s cloudy and sometimes even inside if it’s bright enough. Last month it was chapstick. And I still need chapstick just as badly, but since I lost my purse, I haven’t replaced my chapstick yet. I’m still trying to get everything back in order as far as all that stuff goes. All I gotta do is go to the bathroom where I keep my stockpile of chapstick and slip one into my new zipper pouch.

8. Where’s that one place you and your friends have been feeling right at home?

At home. Kyle and I have been having a great time hanging out at home living the “retired” life. Let me clarify that we both work from home and work on our own schedules, so although we do a lot of work, it still kind of feels like we’re retired, and I don’t think I would ever stop being productive in some way, even if I was officially retired. I like to do stuff, stay busy and be productive. And as far and my friend Rachel and I, we also have just as much fun hanging out at her pad as going out. And now she has a new baby so that’s really fun 🙂

9. What book has you hiding under the covers with a torch at night because you just can’t put it down?

I haven’t been reading anything lately… I tried to take a bath a couple weeks ago (and I typically like to light some candles and read while soaking) but I found out we don’t have a drain stopper for our tub… which reminds me I need to write that on my shopping list… So I was going to start reading this book from the 70s or 80s that my mom gave me a while back called Love. But yeah, no bath, so no reading…

10. What’s your favourite word, you know that one you use in every sentence because it just sounds so good to you?
(If you don’t have one, why not, it’s so fun)

“Ain’t nobody got time for that.” Or “Oh Lord Jesus it’s a fire!” Or “somebody barbquin’!” — Pretty much anything from this video from Sweet Brown.

11. What fashion item did you have to have?

I bought myself some new shorts and capris at walmart and I was very happy with them 🙂

12. What’s that thing that has really been grinding on your nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard?


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Don’t forget to share your answers on your blog, follow the other co-hosts, and link up below!!! here to leave a comment!

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8 Responses to 'Link-Up: May Favorites'

  1. 2 flipflops for the five bucks that is awesome…LOL don’t forget the bathtub stop then tell me what you thought of the book.
    Kymee Martinak recently posted..Kid Friendly Hiking Trails in San Diego CaliforniaMy Profile

    • Lisha says:

      lol! Kyle actually made a drain stopper out of plastic from this plastic printer thing he bought to make replacement plastic parts for the porsche 944. So he’s made a lot of cool things. I will probably do a post on that. I haven’t gotten around to taking a bath yet though. One of these days I’ll sit, soak, and read! 😉

  2. kelly says:

    I love old navy flip flops–so cheap and great to have around!
    kelly recently posted..Small Changes: Drinking More H20My Profile

  3. Kristin says:

    I always have a few pairs of old navy flip flops! Great to see your favorites! (PS, I use to be single mama life…I found vicki through you a long time ago!!)
    Kristin recently posted..the end.My Profile

  4. Thanks for the shout out lady! 🙂

    I need to get a few more pairs of flip flops for the summer! You can never have too many!

    And The Bachelorette is totally my guilty pleasure.
    Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication recently posted..May RecapMy Profile

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