Happy Father’s Day!

Fathers make a huge difference in this world. I personally think that what a father (or any man) does or doesn’t do in a child’s life is more impactful, whether positive or negative, than what a mother does or doesn’t do.

I think a lot of the psychopathology our world faces has to do with the fathers in this world. Whether the father was there or not. How the father relates to his children. How the father treats his children, and how the father treats their mom and other women around him, and other people in general. What the father teaches his children. What men teach the children of this world to be important, and what we should place priorities on.

I’m not going to go into detail, but if you’re a dad, you need to be there for your children and be a positive influence in their lives. And for those of you who are acting as father to children who aren’t your own, this goes the same for you.

Some children don’t have fathers, so they look to others who can take on that role in their lives. If you happen to be that man in a child’s life, then God bless you for it, and may you take on that role like a real man, not afraid of what might happen. Not afraid that your life is now taken over by a kid or kids, maybe that you didn’t even bring into this world. Not afraid that the mother of that child might one day want to leave you, or turn out to not be a perfect fit for you. Sometimes the reason you’re in that woman’s life is to be a father figure to her child. And again, I say God bless you for it if you don’t see that as an obligation, but instead a blessing.

We can all make a difference in the lives of the children we come in contact with and the relationships we can build with them. Let’s make this world a better place one father at a time.

It’s time for the fathers to be present, in a positive way, whether the moms in this world want them to or not. And it’s time for the moms to start allowing the men of this world to be dads. Because that is what our children are lacking in this world.

Thank you to my own dad for doing his best to be there as much as possible. I love you and I will always treasure all our times we get (and got) to spend together. Happy Father’s Day to all the men in my life who have taken on the role as a father in my life as well, whether alive, or now resting in peace, I want to thank you for being a part of my life, spending time with me and teaching me things, and showing me the qualities in a man I that should choose for a husband.

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4 Responses to 'Happy Father’s Day!'

  1. Great and bold words. Thank you for saying what really people need to hear.
    I completely agree with you.
    Kymee Martinak recently posted..Kid Friendly Hiking Trails in San Diego CaliforniaMy Profile

  2. Sheila says:

    This is a beautiful Father’s Day post. And especially sweet to acknowledge the special gift of being a father figure to someone even if not a biological father.
    Sheila recently posted..Scrapbook on the WallMy Profile

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