Easy DIY Lattice for Bougainvillea

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About a week ago Kyle and I made a lattice for the bougainvillea that was growing amok in our yard. I didn’t realize until just now how “amok” was spelled. I did a quick search. Amok is a weird word, isn’t it?

Anyway, My bloggie friend Vicki invited me to do a guest post at Domestic Mamma, so my post about the building of the bougainvillea is live over there right now. Go check it out.

I put up the lattice, but I didn’t have time to put the bougainvillea through it before the guest post, so this is kind of like a part two after I put the bougainvillea vines up through the lattice. Beware, it kinda looks bad, lol!

I think my main mistake was really just waiting too long to give the bougainvillea something to climb up. I think over time it will adjust itself and look beautiful. I will most likely do some trimming so it can kind of start afresh. I think it will look better once it’s growing up the lattice naturally, rather than me pushing it through manually.

Next I have to do something about this other bougainvillea that is starting to take over our patio area.

What do you guys think? Any tips on how to deal with this bougainvillea?

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4 Responses to 'Easy DIY Lattice for Bougainvillea'

  1. It will do fine, now you just keep it trimmed because it still will try. ;O)
    Kymee Martinak recently posted..Kid Friendly Hiking Trails in San Diego CaliforniaMy Profile

  2. Kate @ DCL says:

    no idea how to deal with it, but it sure it pretty! Love the “rustic” look of the latice 🙂
    Kate @ DCL recently posted..Our New Home: The “Before”My Profile

    • Lisha says:

      Thanks Kate. It seems now the bougainvillea is starting to do what it’s supposed to do now, growing new leaves on the outside and such 🙂

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