3 Popular Lawn Edging Tool Brands

This is a guest post by Steve.

There are a lot of brands that produce and sell different kinds of lawn edging tools in the market for any type of gardener who is interested in taking on some yard work. An edger can be dangerous and you should know how to properly operate it before using the tool. If you happen to live in Canada and need a lawn service Toronto company to help then please contact us. We’ll go over some of the popular edging tools below.

1. Kingfisher lawn edging and gardening tools

On the top of the list of the brands is the Kingfisher Company. Kingfisher produces almost 72% of its product that involve gardening and lawn edging purposes and any other gardening and lawn edging tool Brand Company. These gardening and lawn edging tool produced by Kingfisher are sold both online as well as offline. Some of the online websites where you can purchase gardening and lawn edging tools that are available by Kingfisher are amazon.com, ebay.com, thefind.com, dooyoo.com or by homebase.co.uk

The lawn edging tools produced by Kingfisher may also include:

– The Kingfisher Stainless Steel Dutch Hoe
– The Kingfisher Jumbo Garden Rake
– The Kingfisher Quality Lawn Edging Shear
– The Pro Anvil Power Cutter Fibreglass Lopper by Kingfisher
– Other kinds of tools produced by Kingfisher include spades, forks, digging tools, rakes, weeders, planting tools, pruning and cutting tools.

2. Spear and Jackson lawn edging and gardening tools

Another one of the popular lawn edging tool brands is from the brand known as Spear and Jackson. Spear and Jackson is known to be one of the oldest hardware and gardening tools on the globe. It was founded in 1760 and was firstly known as John Love. Just like its competitor Kingfisher Spear and Jackson gardening and lawn edging tools can be found both online as well as offline, while some of the sites where their products can be bought from are ebay.com, amazon.com, tooled-up.com. Their products can also be found on many other different websites as well.
Their products include:

– Spear and Jackson cultivators, grubber and tillers.
– Spear and Jackson edging iron
– Spear and Jackson garden fork
– Spear and Jackson garden hoe
– Spear and Jackson garden scissors and knifes
– Spear and Jackson garden lawn aerator and lawn rakers.

Other gardening and lawn edging products that are produced and available in the market by Spear and Jackson are spades, weeders, digging tools, planting tools, pruning and cutting tools.

3. Hitachi gardening and lawn edging tools

Another popular brand for gardening and lawn edging tools that is available in the market is known as Hitachi. Gardening and lawn edging products that are produced by Hitachi are being made in 5 different manufacturing plants spread across the globe. The basic advantage of this diverse policy for manufacturing products is because of the utilization of the economy of scale, skilled labour as well as the supply of the reliable components because of the geographical location. Like the discussed above brands, Hitachi products too can be found both online as well as offline from different online and gardening sites and offline from different stores.

Some of the lawns edging products Hitachi produces are:

– Hitachi Double Sided Hedge Cutter
– Hitachi chainsaws
– Hitachi Bent Shaft Trimmer
– Hitachi Blower
– Hitachi Trimmer and Brush Cutter

There you have it, a great list of high quality tools necessary to complete your most extensive gardening projects.

We want to give a big thank you to Steve for helping keep this blog alive! We couldn’t do it without people like you!

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