Kitchen Renovation Day 6 – Bathroom Cabinet Turned Food Pantry

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Now on to our Kitchen Renovation.

I forgot. Before we broke down the second wall in our kitchen (or third or fourth wall, depending on how you look at it), I decided to take the custom installed cabinet that was in our downstairs bathroom and turn it to face the kitchen so we would have a food pantry.

Since we literally obliterated the old pantry room I just knew we’d feel like we were missing something in our new kitchen if we didn’t have extra food storage in our kitchen. And I really didn’t feel the bathroom needed such a huge cabinet. We just filled it up with towels we never used, so I figured future homeowners would pretty much do the same thing. I figured this cabinet would get much more use as a pantry for the kitchen.

Here’s the cabinet in its old home in the bathroom:

I didn’t know what I would be facing before I started this endeavor, but I must add that this was actually an extremely difficult and physically demanding task. The cabinet was really secured in there very well. But I eventually got it out.

Here I am getting some debris out of the way after removing the cabinet from its old home:

Here I am standing beside my work triumphantly after completing the hardest part of this task:

Here’s a little floor plan I drew so you can see where I’m doing stuff:

Once everything was cleaned out enough, I turned the cabinet and slid it back into place so it faced the kitchen.

I did all of this while keeping my artwork on the wall intact. And we put some new knobs on the cabinet doors that will match the rest of the knobs on our future kitchen cabinets.

So, long story short, I basically destroyed the walls, took the cabinet out, turned it around, slid it back in, and secured it into place.

Eventually we had to fix the walls surrounding it (and also the bathroom wall which was now a gaping hole that showed the side of our new kitchen pantry cabinet.

We also put some trim around the new pantry cabinet, and we’ll show you the finished product later, so stay tuned, and sign up for blog updates if you haven’t already!

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4 Responses to 'Kitchen Renovation Day 6 – Bathroom Cabinet Turned Food Pantry'

  1. Kelly says:

    great repurposing of the cabinet! can’t wait to see how the rest of it comes along!
    Kelly recently posted..Office Remodel Punch ListMy Profile

  2. You’re so creative Lisha! How did you even think of this?!

    • Lisha says:

      lol. I don’t know. That was the only place we could have put something for food storage and we barely had anything in the bathroom cabinet, so I figured, why not just turn that thing around — although it turned out to be quite the ordeal, but it ended up being great in the end.

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