Kitchen Remodel Day 9 & 10 – Drywall And Freakazoid Electrical Work

Home Remodel Time

On Day 9 & 10 of our Kitchen Remodel, I did a lot of drywall work while Kyle dealt with some major electrical issues.

Exibit A:

Exibit A closer up:

So I think you get a good idea of what Kyle was dealing with here.

*Remember, always make sure your electricity is turned off before you touch any electrical wires. Electric shock could result in death, or just feeling really stupid for not remembering to turn off the electricity first. But seriously, death can result. So turn it off!

Anyway, this was like a puzzle for Kyle to figure out. And he had to do it in the hot attic on a hot day in the middle of summer. Part of the problem too was that our attic fan wasn’t turning on when it reached a certain temperature up there, so it was very hot, adding to any frustration that these twisted wires caused Kyle.

While he was up there sweating to death, I was downstairs in the coolness (at least compared to the attic) cutting and nailing up some drywall.

We put the mold resistant drywall where the sink was going to go:

And we put regular drywall in the rest of the kitchen:

And by nightfall on Kyle’s birthday, July 20th, 2010, I had also finished putting up some of the electrical outlets and switches:

And luckily Kyle’s mom made him a cake because our oven was definitely not going to be in service for at least another week or two. So I put a big candle on the cake for Kyle to blow out:

After a long hard day of work, that cake sure tasted good!

Things left to do in the kitchen at this point were:

  • drywall the ceiling
  • install pendant lighting, and move one of the current canned lights
  • create a fake beam between the living room and kitchen to hide the fact that the two ceilings are different heights
  • mud all drywall
  • sand all dried mud
  • mud again
  • sand again
  • paint
  • install cabinets
  • install the microwave (including creating a vent for the microwave/hood)
  • install under cabinet lighting
  • install countertops/sink (we let professionals do this part)
  • hook-up the kitchen faucet
  • install flooring
  • install floor moulding and trim on cabinets
  • hook up the gas range

No biggie!

We’ll be back with more kitchen updates soon, so subscribe with your email below if you want to see what happens next!

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  1. Kelly says:

    I hear you with electrical work! My house was a nightmare due to some bad DIY. Great job and love seeing all of your projects!
    Kelly recently posted..TGIF Series: Wagner SMART Edge Paint RollerMy Profile

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