Kitchen Remodel Day 7 & 8 – Last Wall Down, Moving a Window, and Insulating

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Before I start, I just want to make sure we have a full disclaimer that I don’t think that anyone should just be destroying walls in their home. Many walls in a house are needed for structural support. We only removed walls in our house that were not structural. Make sure you do your research and consult with a professional before removing any walls in your home!

On Kitchen Remodel Day 7, well actually, I don’t know what day of work this actually is, but it’s the 7th day we actually took pictures. Anyway, on “Day 7” we destroyed the last remaining wall to make a true open floor plan for our main living space.

Here’s photo number 1:

You will notice a few things. First of all, the obvious. The last wall/cabinets of the old kitchen that need to be torn down:

On the right you will also see the temporary doorway into the newly built exterior walls of what used to be the old pantry. Once our last wall is down, that will be an extension of the actual kitchen:

We also have new beams going up to support the ceiling between the dining room and kitchen because we noticed the ceiling was kind of sinking a bit in that location and wasn’t properly supported (Kyle did this the day before we took these photos, while I was out doing work in the front yard… like I said before, we kinda forgot to take pictures each day, so there are missing days in our “days”).

The beam is also going up across the top too (not pictured). We eventually drywall the beams so they blend in, since we just used simple douglas fir, the beams weren’t supposed to be a feature or statement, but purely for functionality, to keep the roof from caving in!

And lastly in photo number one, we see that Kyle transferred the kitchen sink plumbing from the old sink to where our new sink’s location is going to be — right at the window! 🙂 (he must have been doing this while I was “transforming” our bathroom cabinet into our new kitchen pantry)

We put up a sheet/makeshift curtain in between the dining room and kitchen to keep destruction dust from entering the rest of the house and destroying all of our belongings and clothes and making the entire house dirty. The mess in the living room and kitchen was enough to deal with. And we got to destroying the last wall (ew, sweaty back, we were working through mid-summer on this project).

And finally the whole wall was down (well, almost, there was a difficult stud in the left side that Kyle finally was able to get rid of later by cutting it with a circular saw).

The next thing we had to do was move the window up three inches. Yep, three inches. It’s amazing how perfect certain things need to be. Our kitchen counter was going to go up about 3 inches against the wall (then tiles backsplash above that) and the window was just too low. So Kyle took the window out:

Then we made some new cuts of 2x4s to create a proper support for the new window placement:

We added more structural support on top as well.

The next day (Kitchen Remodel Day 8) we have a pic of the completed structural support and the window now in place:

And we also did the insulation:

We used some of the old insulation that we could save (shh, don’t tell anyone!) and we also got some fresh new white fluffy insulation when we didn’t have enough.

That’s it for Kitchen Renovation Day 7 & 8. Things are really shaping up now! Everything gets done pretty quick at this point. It seems like building things actually takes less time than demolishing things, and then finishing touches take the longest of all. So now we’re at the building stage. Can’t wait to show you what we did next! It’s drywall time! My favorite… kind of…

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3 Responses to 'Kitchen Remodel Day 7 & 8 – Last Wall Down, Moving a Window, and Insulating'

  1. Kelly says:

    Great job! I love to see the progress on your kitchen.
    Kelly recently posted..Remodel Survival: How to Make Dinner Without a StoveMy Profile

  2. Wow! You guys are awesome! I’d never have the guts to take on a project like this!
    Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication recently posted..Best Anniversary Gift EverMy Profile

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