What I Think About Polished Concrete

Today, let’s talk about concrete.

Okay, so do I mean concrete concrete, like the kind we walk on outside, or am I talking about the cool stuff like concrete flooring and countertops for the house?

I’m talking about the good ol’ stuff that makes a modern industrial rustic look for the interior of your house (or even your office).

We personally have not used concrete for indoor flooring or countertops. Haven’t gotten enough opportunities. In fact, Kyle and I have only personally replaced one kitchen’s countertops and one house’s flooring up until now, so I’m really hoping we get more chances to remodel homes in order to get the opportunity to try out some interesting concrete styles.

Personally, I tend toward a warmer, cozy, traditional feel of interior design and construction, but I’m also definitely into the look that a modern concrete floor or countertop can do to add some drama to a space. And I definitely love the look of polished concrete (I love shiny things). And what can I say, deep down, I’m really a tomboy, and concrete is definitely masculine. Plus, it’s very popular these days, even with women.

The main drawback I’d have about concrete flooring would be the same drawback I have about tile flooring. It’s a lot of work to remove/change. But if you know you’re going to love it for at least the next ten years, I say go for it. Polished concrete would really look cool, and the most awesome part about it is that you can stain it virtually any color you want.

While concrete flooring is more of a commitment, I’m a bit more relaxed about concrete countertops. Kitchen countertops are a lot easier to remove than the flooring of an entire house. So if you change your mind in under 10 years, it won’t be such a big hassle.

Concrete countertops and flooring are on the expensive side, but it’s very durable, and it has a rustic charm. And like I said, it’s very popular these days for that reason.

What do you think about concrete flooring or countertops? Is that something you’d ever be interested in trying out in your own home, or even your business if you have one?

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4 Responses to 'What I Think About Polished Concrete'

  1. Melanie says:

    I love polished concrete floors, and regular concrete countertops. I think the floors would be really cool in a basement or something.
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    • Lisha says:

      I agree that a basement would be a cool place for something like this, like a man cave, or if you have a game room/pool table/bar in your basement. Concrete flooring would go well in that setting 🙂

  2. Joe says:

    For me concrete floors need a practical application not just a pure aesthetic application. They can certainly be cool looking, but looks aren’t everything. Concrete is there ‘forever’ so it is hard to change. It can be very cold, unless you add in heated coils to it, but that just adds to the cost even more. I like them more for basements or sun rooms myself, I tend to go for hardwood or carpet in the general living areas of my house.
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