Kitchen Renovation Day 4

Home Remodel Time

On Day Four of renovating the kitchen, Kyle put on the roof (not roofing material, just the plywood part) on most of the bare roof framing. We also started on the house siding. First we had to put up/staple the black felt paper on the studs. You have to start from the bottom up so that your flashing opening is at the bottom of each sheet. That way if water was to get in, it would slide down to the ground instead of sliding down in a crack and getting inside.

Here I am putting some of the black paper up (trying to manage the large piece of paper):

Now I’ve got a handle on it:

Oh yeah, and did I mention that we had a telephone pole going straight through the outer portion of the roof? Yep. Cool beans.

We didn’t do a super great job on the side of the house. It’s kinda hard to get it all flat with such a large expanse. It was easier to do the shorter side on the front of the house to make it so there weren’t any bumps in the black paper. Either way it’ll work just the same once the house siding goes up.

Next, Kyle started making the house siding by routing out regular plywood to match the original siding on the rest of the house.

So here’s how it looked at the end of Day Four:

The good thing about this stage was that the interior was now basically sealed so we didn’t have to worry about robbers coming through our temporary door we hung on Day One. And now we could start demolishing the rest of the kitchen. That starts on Day Five, so stay tuned! 🙂

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4 Responses to 'Kitchen Renovation Day 4'

  1. kelly says:

    Great job! Thanks for walking through with putting on siding. I can’t wait to see the inside demo!
    kelly recently posted..TGIF: SIMPLEHUMAN TRIPLE WALL PUMPMy Profile

  2. Great Work! New & Different Look To a Kitchen. Thanks for Sharing this Idea. Hope the interior would be more innovative. Waiting To see.

    Good Luck

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