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UPDATE: Feedburner still works. Don’t know why there were announcements I saw that Feedburner was going away. It still works. But I still use MailChimp for rss feed signups and notifications of new blog posts 🙂

For those of you who don’t already know, Google is axing Feedburner, which was the feed reader I had set up for this blog for those of you who wanted to subscribe. Well, that’s happening in June, but I already got rid of feedburner, kind of on accident, and I couldn’t get it back up with the original subscribers to warn you ahead of time, lol!

So I found a new option, and that is Mail Chimp. So from now on, Mail Chimp can send you updates via email, or you can subscribe to our rss feed which is onehouseonecouple.blogzam.com/feed. So whatever reader you like to use, you can simply add our rss feed to it if you’d like to stay updated that way.

The other way is through bloglovin’ or even through facebook — if you like One House One Couple on facebook, you’ll sporatically get an update on facebook too, but it’s not super consistent with what shows up on your home page.

So really the best and most consistent way to stay updated on our Home Renovation is to get updates via email, so all you have to do is simply enter your email below, or in the right sidebar, you’ll also see the signup form there.

So that’s our little blog logistics update. So now your homework is to figure out how you’re going to stay updated on our DIY goodness from now on.

And to those of you who were previously subscribed through feedburner, I apologize for this inconvenience! We’ll all get through this together 😉

And for all you other bloggers out there who are currently using feedburner, don’t be lame like me. Make sure you set up your new feed reading option for your blog readers and let your them know BEFORE you delete your feedburner feed!

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4 Responses to 'Feedburner is Gone'

  1. I’m so upset about Google Reader! I’ll be making the switch over to bloglovin’ this weekend.
    Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication recently posted..How We Do PassoverMy Profile

  2. Junker Dic says:

    Need webmaster to update the link address in the RSS icon under “let’s be friends” heading.

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