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On Friday I’m going to start documenting our big kitchen demolition so make sure you come back for that. But today I wanted to talk a bit about spotting celebrities.

I live in Southern California and I haven’t seen very many celebrities in real life. I think maybe 3 or 4. One I remember clearly. It was Trevor Penick from O-Town. You know, that boy band that was created on the MTV show “Making of the Band”… My friends and I saw him in Newport Beach at Balboa Island Amusement Park.

Another celebrity I saw was when Kyle and I were on Catalina island with his family. I spotted Curtis Stone from TLC’s “Take Home Chef”. And I believe he was eating with his then girlfriend Lindsay Price (from Beverly Hills 90210). They were also having lunch with another guy who I didn’t recognize.

Well I was able to snatch a photo from afar so as not to look like a star-struck fan, because I’m really not that type of person. But I wanted proof for some reason so I took this photo:
Curtis Stone

Yes, pretty much sucks because you can’t even tell that it’s Curtis and the light pole got in the way of Lindsay. But it was them, I tell you. I stalked them for a few minutes after they got up and started walking around. Then I felt weird about it so we left.

Either way, I’m proud of it! haha!

Have you ever spotted a celebrity before? If so who was it? And were you able to snap a pic? Or were you brave and actually get them to be in a pic with you??? Spill the details in a comment. I’d love to hear the story! 🙂 here to leave a comment!

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6 Responses to 'Spotting Celebrities'

  1. I saw Nigel Barker (photographer, America’s Next Top Model judge) in NYC once. I was there with some friends and we were crossing a street and he was walking the other direction… it all happened so fast, so I didn’t get to snap a pic!
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  2. Rachel says:

    How fun Lisha! That’s awesome you got a pic, too. All the celebrities I’ve just spotted I never got a photo of. (Besides the ones I was hanging out with backstage at concerts and stuff but that’s different since they weren’t sightings randomly around town!)
    But as for seeing some out and about, Renegade used to film by my house so I saw those guys. Also Tom Selleck used to come out to the ranch where I rode horses as a kid 🙂
    Rachel recently posted..We’ve been keeping a secret…My Profile

    • Lisha says:

      Hey Rachel,

      Tom Selleck and, Oooh Renegade! How cool. I kind of had a crush on the main character of Renegade (don’t know his name) and MacGyver when I was younger.

  3. I saw Greg Proops (comedian) at an airport a few years back. I was too embarrassed to say anything, but I send him a tweet and he replied! That’s the most celebrity-related excitement I’ve had, haha.

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