Happy Belated Valentine’s Day

Kyle and I had a super fun Valentine’s day. And I’m gonna brag about it all right here and tell you about all the awesomeness that our Valentine’s day bestowed upon us.

Let me preface this story with the fact that Kyle and I are not huge Valentine’s celebrators. We celebrate, but we don’t really care. It’s just another excuse to do something special and spend some quality time together.

When I woke up on Valentine’s day, Kyle had left me a few things on the kitchen counter for my morning entertainment. First of all, there was a new tennis racket. My tennis racket is about 20 years old. My grandma gave me that tennis racket over 15 years ago, and it was after she had already used it for awhile. It was my first tennis racket and I’ve used it ever since. Never really had a problem with it. Until I bought Kyle a new tennis racket, and the other day when we went out and hit a few balls back and forth, we switched rackets and I realized how much easier it was to hit the balls with his new racket. The next time we played, I went back to my old one and realized I had to swing much harder to hit the ball hard enough. So Kyle bought me a new racket for Valentine’s day. I was surprised because he kept saying we need to get me a new racket, but I kept saying the one I have is fine. So I didn’t know he was going to do that. Plus I didn’t think that Valentine’s day was a day that you get someone regular gifts (besides flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, and cards).

Next to the racket was a little “date card” Bachelor style. It says, “Let’s ditch this racket and see where love takes us. – Kyle”. Kyle and I watch the Bachelor. Yes, we like to watch trash reality tv. Proud of it. And I thought it was so creative and hilarious for Kyle to write out date cards.

There was also a single red long stem rose on the counter with another card saying “Lisha, will you accept this rose? – Kyle”. And along with that Kyle gave me a card with a nice personal message inside 🙂

Well, I went out while Kyle was at work because I had to at least match what he did for me. So I went to GameStop and got him some “new” video games for his playstation 2. Yes, I said playstation 2. We don’t have a Wii or anything new and spiffy like that. One day we will probably get one, but we don’t really have a need or time for it anyway. We also will one day get smartphones and ditch the flip phones we have. We also might one day get texting and data on our phone plans instead of just “talk”. Yep, this all kind of gives you an idea of the kind of people we are… We’re not exactly up-to-date with the times. So I got Kyle some used playstation games. And the magic of that is that they are only like $2 a piece, so I got him 6 games. Not only that, but it was buy one get one free. So I got 6 games for under $10! And that will keep us busy for awhile because we don’t even play video games that often. So it will be a long time before those “new” games are old to us.

Then I headed over to Walmart to get some Reese’s (his favorite candy). Then I headed to Vons to get our delicious dinner items.

I went home and made him a nice card and downloaded some romantic spanish guitar music to play in the background while we ate dinner, and maybe we could dance or something.

I also made some delicious chocolate brownie cookies with added chocolate chips and white chocolate chips. They are so delish! I was inspired by Subway’s double chocolate chip cookies.

We stayed in for dinner, of course, because who wants to go out and try to fight for a table somewhere? Well, Apparently lots of people, that’s why there are so many people fighting for tables… Anyway, I made us a delicious dinner of crablegs, avocado salad, baked potato, steamed broccoli and Kyle’s favorite: Sourdough bread. It was so good. Kyle didn’t finish all of his crab, so I made sure to eat what he didn’t! We are not letting that go to waste! We basically paid at least half of what we would have for that delicious dinner than if we went out to a restaurant and ordered the same thing there.

After we ate, I pretended to be at a club in Spain and Kyle asked me to dance. He pretended to be a different person, but I didn’t like the new guy as much as I like the real Kyle, so it didn’t end up working. You just can’t beat perfection, lol! I think quite highly of Kyle, so when he started acting like a different person, it just wasn’t good enough 😉 But it was hilarious! Kyle had me cracking up. If you’re married you should try it sometime. Kind of like on Modern Family when Clair and Phil go to the bar and Phil pretends to be Clive and Clair pretends to be Jane.

After that madness, we made chocolate covered strawberries and I must say that they were TO DIE FOR! mmmm… We used the chocolate chips and white chocolate chips, just melted them in the microwave. Dipped the strawberries in the dark chocolate, then put the melted white chocolate into a baggie, cut the corner off and squeezed/drizzled the white chocolate on the dark chocolate to make it pretty. The baggie exploded at one point, but that just means we get to eat a huge chunk of chocolate later 🙂

Then we settled down and got in our pjs and watched The Middle, Modern Family, and New Girl, while eating our yummy cookies and chocolate covered strawberries.

We had such a great time. I did something really cool for Kyle for Valentine’s day last year so I didn’t think this year would top that, but it totally did. Everything was just so much fun and everything went perfectly — except for my first round of sourdough bread in the toaster oven almost burned the house down (j/k) but luckily I had a whole baguette so I stuck the burnt toast in the window sill to let the smoke go out the window, cut a few more slices and put them in the toaster. I tend to not keep an eye on my toaster oven, so I cannot tell you how many times I’ve burnt garlic bread or something in there.

What did you do for Valentine’s Day? Anything special?

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2 Responses to 'Happy Belated Valentine’s Day'

  1. Kayla says:

    Wow, you are so lucky what a great day. I am in the UK so I spent mine stuck in traffic because of the snow and then when I got home late I was told off for it!

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