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This is a guest post by linkvehicle.

I have many handmade rugs that I was always afraid to clean. My rugs are one-of-a-kind antiques, and I was scared that careless cleaners would inadvertently destroy my priceless heirlooms. Despite my fears, last month I finally decided to have my rugs cleaned. Even though I prize my rugs above almost all of my other possessions, I believe that they should be seen and enjoyed. I keep them on display or on the floor in rooms that do not get very much foot traffic. They were starting to get dusty and dull-looking. The colors and details in my rugs became difficult to see. I decided to trust my rugs to ABC Rug & Carpet Care.

When I first spoke with an ABC employee over the phone, I immediately felt at ease. I could tell that he knew exactly what he was doing. He understood what I was trying to communicate when I explained why I was reluctant to have my rugs cleaned. He promised me that he would not treat my rugs like they were clothes or even new carpets. He could tell how fragile my rugs were and how special they were to me.

When I got my rugs back, I was beyond thrilled with how they looked. The colors were brighter and richer than I remembered them ever looking; the designs were clearer than they were when my grandmother first gave the rugs to me. ABC even repaired some minor damage in one of my rugs. I highly recommend ABC Rug & Carpet Care to anyone who is looking for NYC area rug cleaning. They did such a great job on cleaning my rugs.

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