Playing in the Neighborhood

It’s funny because even though I don’t have kids, I still recognize the perks to having parks around and kids playing in them. It just makes me happy. I like it when other people are happy. And unless one kid is throwing sand at another kid, usually everyone is happy at the park.

That’s my cute nephew. He’s 4 now.

When I was taking care of him and his sister a lot, I took them to the park and they always loved it. They never wanted to leave. I would always change it up too, and go to a different park each time for a change of scenery.

Where we live now, it’s a pretty small town, but there are lots of parks, including 2 parks along the mile stretch of beach we have. Sometimes I go to a park to sit and eat my lunch, so it’s nice when there are some picnic tables, or at least benches to sit at. It’s just serene to sit in the quiet, or hear kids laughing while I eat my lunch. Or if you want to have a family bbq at the park, it’s very convenient for the park to supply the bbq, so all you have to do is bring the matches.

It’s also really nice when the parks are updated with new parknpool equipment. It just makes it look better for the overall feel of the neighborhood. Or when the schools have updated play equipment, like the slides, and swings, and such.

The other thing is, since I ride my bike all around town, it’s nice to have bike racks to lock my bike to when I want to stop somewhere. Sometimes it’s difficult to find a street sign or pole to tie my bike to. So it’s great when there’s a bike rack to keep my bike safe.

And since I hang out with my friend Rachel a lot, she has a little pup, so it’s nice for parks to also have doggie waste bags, or a doggie drinking fountain. Those things are so cool. And I love it when there are nice looking trash cans, like decorative cement ones, or painted wooden or metal covers to tie into the look and feel of the park.

It’s really the little things that add up to make a park attractive and functional. But overall, it’s just nice to have parks. Even just a little green space would make me happy.

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