Holding Back Crazy Banana Trees with a Quick Inexpensive Custom Fence

Beach Bungalow Time

The weather here has been very cold compared to usual for over the last month. The last two days have been about 70 degrees (that’s more like it) but it comes at a price. The air is so dry and arid, and staticky, yuck! But at least I can sit in my house and not turn the heater on during the day, and I can go outside without a sweatshirt on.

Okay, done with the southern california weather report. Now on to the topic of this post.

Our banana trees have gotten a little crazy these days. They’re kinda taking up the walkway to/from our cars.

So I decided to put up a modern style fence made of 1×2’s.

Here’s what I did:

So now we can walk by that side by the banana trees and not be swallowed up by them.

Now I just need to make a fence for the other side.

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One Response to 'Holding Back Crazy Banana Trees with a Quick Inexpensive Custom Fence'

  1. May says:

    cool! I love banana trees! 🙂
    Blogger won’t let me comment on other blogs for some reason while signed in 🙁 but i’ve been stopping by like always

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