Transform your living room in 3 steps

This is a guest post by Edel.

I know how much of a challenge redecorating can be and sometimes it feels as though the job will never get completed. That’s why I’ve come up with three easy steps to transform your living room so you can get on top of your renovating plans sooner than you think.

1) Change the floor

OK, so this doesn’t sound like the simplest task, but it’s not that difficult to change your floor in reality. Firstly, you might decide that your carpet or wooden floor is fine just the way it is.

But if you are tired of dated green carpets or lino floors, this is your chance to change them. Think about what type of floor you would like in your living room – real wooden floors are very fashionable at the moment and exude a period property charm, while carpets are comfortable and may make your lounge feel cosier and warmer.

Once you have decided which floor to get, you need to give the carpet or wooden floor supplier the exact measurements of your living room. These companies often have a fitting service as well, making the entire process easier for you, as you can get it delivered and installed before you know it. If you do fancy improving your DIY skills, you can always try doing this yourself, although it’s perhaps best to order some extra metres just in case you make a mistake when fitting the floor.

2) Repaint

Nothing makes a room look brand new like a new lick of paint, so if you only have time to make one change, this is the one to do. To really make your lounge feel different, pick a colour unlike the previous one.

I always think it’s a good idea to choose a shade that will stand the test of time and not look outdated in a few years, but this can be difficult – sometimes what you think is very stylish now seems like a wild mistake a little while down the line. The best way to avoid this is to either pick a neutral colour – muted greys and mocha browns are taking over from magnolia, if you’re keen to avoid the beige shade.

3) Out with the old, in with the new

The next stage (my favourite!) involves getting rid of your old furniture, fixtures and fittings and swapping them with new stuff. What you buy will depend on what look you want to achieve in the room. For instance, whitewashed furniture, a chandelier and shabby chic accessories are ideal if you want a country feel in your home.

I also love ethnic decor, and if I was decorating my living room to make it look as though it belonged in north Africa, there are certain features I’d definitely add. Leather poufs, dark wooden furniture, colourful mats and mosaic prints will all be included in the design of the room and there will be an abundance of Moroccan lanterns that will create a romantic atmosphere in the lounge.

Whatever interior design you go for, make sure you buy a sofa, TV unit, a coffee table or nested tables and possibly a dresser, cupboard or shelves to store your knick knacks. If you hoard as many things as I do, you’ll need lots of space for these!

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2 Responses to 'Transform your living room in 3 steps'

  1. Vicki says:

    We are starting on our living room this week, quite excited about painting even though its hard work.

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