DIY Hanging or Pendant Light

So we had this problem with a lack of lighting in our kitchen. The peninsula section of our counter always seemed a little dark, and the main light is behind me in the kitchen, so whenever I’d be cutting something on the cutting board or something, my body would be casting a shadow over what I was doing.

So I decided to create my own hanging light over the peninsula.

We went to home depot and got a light socket which also had a little hook on it.

We have a bunch of extension cords, so I decided to just use one of those as the cord for the light.

Kyle helped me out with some of this project. You guys know that sometimes I just like to post the pictures and not say much, so if you have a question just ask in a comment and I’ll respond 🙂

I forgot that I had to put it through the hook in the ceiling before I wired it, so I had to disconnect it and put it through, then reconnect the wires to the light socket.

Then voila!

Don’t mind the mess. Construction is always messy work.

So now we have another light and it’s been very useful so far and makes it brighter in here overall. It’s a good central light. You turn it on and off by plugging in and unplugging it.

I may or may not create a shade for it. It depends on whether I care for the modern industrial look, or if I’d rather have a more traditional feel to it.

What do you guys think?

I also created two standing lamps out of pvc pipe to have easily move-able lighting for photos and videos, so I’ll show you that another time. Those are pretty cool too! 🙂 here to leave a comment!

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10 Responses to 'DIY Hanging or Pendant Light'

  1. Vicki says:

    How tricky you are! Love it.
    Vicki recently posted..The end of 2012My Profile

    • Lisha says:

      Thanks! I know it’s not the nicest looking thing at the moment, but it definitely serves it’s function! 🙂

  2. Very clever! I’ve never thought about using an extension cord like that. That might be something I consider doing. In our new house, there are no lights above the island and I want so badly to have some kind of dramatic light there =)
    Kristin @ Little Corbin Hill recently posted..Resolutions in Motion: end of six weeksMy Profile

    • Lisha says:

      Hi Kristin, yeah and you could totally do it nicer looking than I did it so it gets a more finished look. You could even get the wire you want from homedepot (or similar store) too, just look in the electrical section.

  3. Kate @ DCL says:

    how clever & simple! awesome fix 🙂
    Kate @ DCL recently posted..December LoveliesMy Profile

  4. A Very Savvy and Quick Fix!
    JoAnn @ SweetPepperRose recently posted..Happy New Year to 2013!My Profile

  5. Marcelle says:


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