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I am definitely not the plumber in our family. I’d say I’m more of an electrical girl. I am even going to go help out my step-mom and give her an electrical day this or next weekend. So I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty so to speak.

Kyle was given some plumbing talent, so he’s been able to do a lot of our plumbing work himself. If I didn’t have him, I would definitely have to hire someone, and if I lived in Toronto, I would have the option of hiring Speedy Plumbing and Rooter because they offer plumbing services toronto. And since they’re “fast, dependable, and on time”, I’d say they’d be worth a try.

On our home renovation, Kyle did plumbing for our master bathroom and our kitchen. Luckily, we were rearranging the downstairs bathroom, so we didn’t have to tackle that job, but in the master bathroom, we completely reformatted the layout to make it more functional. The bathroom was a 6’x9′ space but the layout was like a u-shape. We moved everything so that the sink was next to the toilet and then the toilet was next to the shower, and we were able to make a huge 3’x6′ shower with two shower heads, each with their own faucet controls. It was awesome. And because it is imperative to not waste water in southern california, we even included a water stopper so that you didn’t have to turn the water faucet in order to make the water stop running. Which kept our temperature at just the right spot during the whole shower.

And in our kitchen, we moved the sink location, so we Kyle obviously had to move some pipes for that as well. Our kitchen turned out fabulous and I can’t wait to show you the process of all of that because it rocks! I know I’ve been a bit off track lately and I haven’t talked about our home renovation for awhile now, so I will try to get going on that track again.

But for now, all I gotta say is that if Kyle wasn’t there, and I lived in toronto, Speedy Plumbing and Rooter would probably have gotten a few phone calls from me!

How about you? Have you ever done plumbing yourself, or do you hire that type of project out?

Thanks to Speedy Plumbing and Rooter for helping us keep our blog alive. We couldn’t do it without people like you! here to leave a comment!

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