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Now that we’re in storm season (well most of the northern hemisphere is) you might have been noticing some leaks in your roof.

When we bought our house, the roof cleared inspection, but there were a few spots that really came dripping down when it rained. Eventually, the ceiling over our fridge just came crashing down. It was horrible.

If you’re experiencing any leaking, you really should get it fixed before it causes any more damage. Once water is coming in, a lot more damage is happening than you think.

If you’re in the Ottawa area in Canada, CLS Roofing Company deals with emergency roofing Ottawa problems right away. They are family owned and operated and have been in business for 19 years so they have a solid background you can trust. So any time you have a roofing emergency, call up CLS Roofing, and they’ll be there in a jiffy. They do major repair, full roofing replacement, or just patch jobs. And you can call them for a free quote. CLS specialized in flat roofing for commercial and residential buildings, but they have the qualifications to do it all.

A list of some of their other services include emergency roofing service, disaster clean up service, roofing ventilation upgrades, asphalt shingles, metal shingles and panels, and cedar shingles.

As I said before, a leak coming through your ceiling means there is already a lot of water between your roof and your ceiling. It takes awhile for the water to actually penetrate the drywall. So if you are experiencing a leak, you should get it fixed asap, as in… today. Otherwise you will have a lot of other problems on your hands.

And while you’re at it, even if you don’t have a leak, you should check your attic every so often if possible to see if there is any moisture in your beams.

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