Heating Costs With a Combination Boiler

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With gas and electricity prices recently increased yet again, it’s more important than ever for homes to be as energy-efficient as possible to keep bills as low as possible. The need for lower energy consumption still needs to be balanced, however, with the all-important need for you and your family to stay cozy in the winter and the need for instant hot water on demand, for washing and cleaning. Achieving this balance is a case of choosing the most energy-efficient yet effective heating system for your home.

Combi-boilers versus separate tank boilers

Far and away the most popular choice for modern family homes is a combination boiler, or “combi-boiler”. These are so-named because they produce hot water in combination with providing central heating. The hot water is produced instantly with a heat exchanger, removing the need for a tank full of constantly-heated water, making them more energy-efficient. The Energy-Saving Trust notes that while a regular boiler is better at first heating the water, the need to expend additional energy keeping this water heated and ready for use means that over time, it has higher running costs.

More compact boiler – more space

Combination boilers are also better in terms of space – unlike old-fashioned boilers, there is no hot water tank in the airing cupboard and no need for the loft to house a separate cold water tank. All components that are needed for central heating and hot water are contained within the boiler itself. This makes them the perfect choice for households where space is limited, and households which do not need to make vast amounts of hot water throughout the day – therefore they are suitable for all but the largest families.

Use as part of an energy-saving strategy

When it comes to looking at heating costs, combination boilers score well in all independent assessments, thanks to their only heating water when it is wanted and their highly effective way of heating water for radiators. When used in combination with other energy-saving measures, such as proper insulation and draught-proofing, then the bills come down even more. In short – a good combi-boiler will help keep heating costs as low as possible.

Financial help with buying a new boiler

As a final sweetener, there are several schemes offering grants to households wishing to make the switch to a new combi-boiler. Check for available discounts and compare prices online to get the best deal on all your heating equipment this winter.

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  1. Allan Mullaly says:

    I like gas boilers for home comfort. In last month I have got 2 boilers for my home. I live in Toronto

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