DIY Counter-Height Kitchen Island Table

Beach Bungalow Time

Ever since we moved into the beach bungalow, we have not had a dining table. There wasn’t really a good place to put our four-seater dining set, and we never really needed 4 seats anyway because we never have people over for “formal dining”. So we sold it. On craigslist of course, because craigslist is awesome.

Anyway, so we have been without dining seating since June. We have used our counter-height stools at the counter, but there is no bar hanging over, so our knees go into the cabinets below the counter.

I have been wanting to build a counter-height island/table. I have been brainstorming in my brain for a few months now, and I finally figured out how I wanted to build it.

The table’s purpose was to be two-fold. We needed a place to sit down and eat where our knees aren’t hitting the cabinets. I also wanted a place for the cats to jump on to jump out the window, just to make it easier for them… or really just to make it easier for Tommy since he’s so big and not as coordinated. If our cats can go outside at any hour of the day or night, then we wouldn’t have to use the litter box anymore (although when it rains, or if it’s ever freezing cold we’ll probably close the windows and put the litter box out for them). But for the most part this will help us to not have to clean out the litter box every day.

So in comes the table.

I used thick MDF board for the table top, and I used think MDF board for the sides, and 2x2s for the support structure.

Here are my supplies all cut and ready (minus 3 more 2x2s that I added for extra support later):

First I painted what would become the bottom side of the “countertop” to seal it:

Then I screwed in some 2x2s on what would become the front and back of the table:

I used 1 5/8 inch screws, so in order for the screws to get enough grip, I had to drill some pilot holes the width of the screw head so the screws could go in deeper.

For the front and back of the table, the support would go all the way to the edge. Later, when I put on the sides, the countertop will hang over 1 inch on each side.

Next I built the side supports:

I used screws on one side, then I remembered that I wanted to use brad nails for this, so I used brad nails on the other side. When I paint the table, it won’t really be a problem/noticeable.

Then I screwed it all together (and added the other supports inside, halfway up the thing).

I guess this is a good time to mention how spoiled our cats are. We bought them an automatic pet feeder so they get fed at the right time every time (and the right amount), and also a water fountain, so they get fresh filtered water. This also makes it easier on Kyle and I so we don’t have to manually feed them now, just periodically check on the food and water supply.

So now Tommy has a stepping block to reach the window easier.

And it gives the cat food and water a nice hiding place.

The table fits perfectly in that spot. I can open the fridge all the way, and there is enough room to walk around on the other side too.

We can drag the table anywhere we want and put our stools up to eat at it.

I also added furniture feet to balance the legs if needed, with felt on the bottom, so it’s really quiet when you drag the table around (which I love):


I still need to add a little bit more support in the table top because it kind of sways side to side a bit, which I’m not sure I’ll be able to solve because the table is just kind of tall and I need it to be open on both sides so that we can fit our legs under it. I’ll see what I can do.

Then I’m going to paint it and put some lacquer on it to seal it and make it fully kitchen ready. I’ll post the finished product when it’s all done. here to leave a comment!

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