Stay Warm on Your Patio This Winter

When the winter comes, you think it’s time to spend your days and evenings indoors. But you can actually still cozy up outside, even in the cold winter. All you need is an outdoor heating system put in place.

Bromic Heating has a vast array of heating sources to keep you warm outside on the patio during the colder months. You can find a heater for any budget. Choose from the cost-conscious Tungsten gas outdoor heaters that works well even in winds of up to 12km/hr, to their luxurious non-glowing Platinum Smart-Heat electric heaters with a thin sleek design.

And you don’t have to sacrifice design when using one their heaters. They come in modern styles that are an art piece in it of itself. It won’t be an eyesore to your landscape design. Some of their heaters could even be used as a focal point for your outdoor environment.

Bromic has cutting edge, high-quality heaters. For instance, their Tungsten electric heater can get splashed on with water and remain on and safe, and it’s also durable and corrosion resistant — perfect for beach areas, like where Kyle and I live. The Platinum Smart-Heat gas heater gives off heat through a ceramic medium so the heat is dispersed evenly around, not just giving one person all the heat while a person on the other side of the patio remains shivering.

Their heaters are also rotatable, and come with remotes so you can turn them on and off, and adjust them from a distance, so you can stay in the comfort of your patio chair.

I personally love sitting out on our patio since we finished it, and I don’t want cold weather to stop me from being able to enjoy another living space. Otherwise your outdoor living room is useless for at least 3 months out of the year. An outdoor heater for a patio or deck area would really help during the winter. So if you have a bit of extra budget this winter, consider taking a look at Bromic heaters.

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2 Responses to 'Stay Warm on Your Patio This Winter'

  1. Stephen says:

    I invested in a patio a few years ago and we recently bought a heating system. It’s not paticularly warm all year round where we are so it means we can enjoy our patio even in the winter.

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