Getting Your Chimney Ready for Winter

San Diego is having yet another heat wave (hotter than most of the summer was) but once this is over, it’s probably going to be cold enough to have a fire in our fireplace for most of the rest of the winter. Kyle has been super excited about this. He keeps talking about it.

When we first moved into our new place, the landlord said that the fireplace doesn’t work. He didn’t elaborate, and we didn’t ask. But Kyle checked it out and said it should work just fine. Yay!

We need to clean up around it a bit, and it’s very dirty inside too, so a chimney sweep is probably in order. You don’t want it to get too clogged with soot. And if you’re in a place where you use your chimney a lot, then you probably need a chimney sweep even more.

Say if you’re in Canada for instance, you might need to find services for chimney cleaning Toronto has to offer, and get your chimney all cleaned out before you use it again this year. Some of you have probably already started to use your chimney if you’re having some early cold weather.

As for us, we have some leftover 2x4s from building our shed, and Kyle also built an overhang over our “workshop” area on the other side of our house (I’ll have to show you that later… it has to do with 2 of the 5 cabinets I bought for $80 total on Craigslist awhile back), so we have some more scrap wood from that too. Also, my dad always has a lot of firewood, so we might be able to get some from him too. We’re gonna be having indoor s’mores all winter long. Woot! Pretty exciting!

That’s one thing I really love about cold weather is being able to cozy up, put on my fuzzy socks, flannel pjs, comfy robe (that my mom bought me a while back, I LOVE it!), drinking some hot cocoa and sitting by the fireplace. Our last place didn’t have a fireplace, so we missed out on that. And in our old house we sold, we bought an electric fireplace and I built a fireplace surround and mantel for it to beef it up (I’ll also be showing you that on the blog at some point). So this will be the first time in our marriage where we will have a working fireplace, so we’re definitely going to use it.

How about you? DO you have a fireplace? Do you love sitting by a nice warm fire on a cold night? What are some of your favorite things about winter? here to leave a comment!

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