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Today’s Guest Post Is by Louise from Laid Off Mom!

Hi Everyone! I’m Louise over at Laid Off Mom, and I’m extremely honored to be house sitting here at One House One Couple for Lisha & Kyle while they’re away on vacay. Lisha was one of the first bloggy blog friends that I made when I first started my blog, so when she asked me to do a guest post, I said “YES” in a heartbeat!

If you take a peek in my home, you’ll notice that I’m a lover of vintage items, secondhand goods, things that invoke a sense of nostalgia.

Clothespins, being one of those things.

As a child, a fond memory I have, is of my mother hanging up the wash outside, on the line with clothespins.

But nowadays, there are just so many other amazing uses for clothespins around the home. And while on Pinterest the other day, I found these 3 great ideas…

Yarn Organizer






Have you used clothespins in a unique way? Share with us in a comment! here to leave a comment!

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2 Responses to 'Clothespins Around the Home'

  1. May says:

    OH YES! How I love clothespins….These bring back so many memories!
    As a child I lived in Egypt for eight years and over there we used to have a washer (very common) but not a dryer (very uncommon) so we used to hang our clothes out in the balcony on the lines. There was a trend of colorful ones or plastic ones but I always just loved the good old plain wooden ones. I remember that when they’d rust we would hang the clothes just enough for them to hang but not enough for the metal to touch the clothes to avoid rust marks.
    Also, my neighbor/friend was in the balcony across from us and we would sit in the balcony and chat for hours so if one of us wanted to call the other to chat we’d throw these pins at eachothers balconies as a way to call eachother out. Look at me go off!
    Now I also use them for my fine yarn (floss that I use to crochet pillow edges with at my blog) but I also use them to hang little flash cards in my daughters’ room (shapes, colors, alphabets, etc) and she loves them!
    Thanks for this awesome post that brought back so many great memories 🙂
    May recently posted..It’s Sewing Time!My Profile

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