Solution to Hiding Big Ugly Pipes Outdoors

Home Remodel Time

The other day I told you about this:

Here’s what Kyle did:

He took some good ol’ 2×6’s and covered that ugly pipe. That simple.

Some of the angled cuts were difficult because of the slope of the driveway and different fence parts popping out here and there, but it turned out quite nicely:

This was a good solution because it was inexpensive and much easier than trying to get those really long pipes buried somewhere. Also, if anyone needed to access the pipes, it would not be difficult to remove the wood.

After it was built, Kyle was able to match the paint of the fence and paint the wood the same color so it blended in nicely, and we’ll show you some pics of it completed later, so stay updated and subscribe by email below so you see how it came out.

I also wanted to put something at the bottom of the fence on the other side of the gate opening because the fence slats were all going wacky and it just didn’t look finished (and it was a lot more noticeable once the weeds were all gone). Before:

So I cut some extra 2×6’s length wise and screwed them into the bottom of the fence (After):

After that, we put down some mulch over the dirt and that gave it a nice clean finished look. Pics on that to come! Stay tuned! here to leave a comment!

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