Get Out of the Heat, Stay Out of the Heat

This summer has been so hot, and I know it’s technically Fall now, but we’re still having some hot days. Some wild fires have been happening inland as well, and the heat doesn’t help.

It all reminds me of back in the day when we actually had air conditioning.

Back at our House, we had a wall air conditioner in the master bedroom because it was upstairs, and you know how heat rises.

Our bedroom was the only room that really needed it. The rest of the house was downstairs and had attics (and our bedroom) above to catch the heat. So it would stay nice and cool downstairs.

Once we sold that house, we moved into a one bedroom apartment which had yet another wall air conditioner, but this time only in the living room. So during hot nights we had to sweat it out in our bedroom.

If you don’t have central A/C (and you don’t want to install it), the best idea is really to get a portable air conditioning unit. The wall A/C is a great idea, but then you need to have one in every room, or it will get hot in the rooms where you don’t have it. If you get a portable air conditioner, then you can take it into any room you’re going to be in for awhile. Maybe you like to watch t.v. at night in the living room. You can bring your air conditioner in there to watch t.v., then unplug it and bring it with you to your bedroom when you go to bed. All you need to do is extend the vent hose to go out a crack in the window.

The other cool thing that I hadn’t thought about until just now is that you can pack it away during the warmer months, which you can’t do with a wall A/C.

Luckily right now, living by the beach, we can make due with a simple oscillating fan. But if you’re in a place where it gets really unbearably hot, and you don’t want to break the bank for central air, a simple solution is a portable air conditioner, and I think it’s a lot more practical and versatile than a wall unit.

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2 Responses to 'Get Out of the Heat, Stay Out of the Heat'

  1. kelly says:

    My house has 3 air units and one project is to remove them with central air being installed! Great idea for portable instead of a wall unit because anyone who would want central air in the future will have a mess on their hands!
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