Cook Up A Lunchtime Storm on Your Barbecue

This is a guest post by Edel.

When we think of having a barbecue, gathering friends and family round for an evening get-together often springs to mind. But I think we should make the most of our BBQs (especially with the hard-to-read British weather) by cooking on it whenever we can, and that includes lunchtime.

I like the thought of spending the morning on a lovely walk or leisurely preparing food before settling down with friends and family to tuck into some wonderful dishes. If you like the sound of not just limiting your barbecuing to the summer, then it’s a good idea to invest in a model that can withstand heavy usage.

You can find out more about quality models like the Weber Spirit here, and I definitely think spending that little bit extra is well worth it, especially if you want to pull your grill out of storage to find it in tip-top condition.

Even if you invest in a high-end brand and model, you don’t necessarily need to fork out loads of money. I’ve noticed shops and websites are selling their BBQs at a lower price than they were in the summer, especially as demand has dropped now the warmer days and evenings are coming to an end.

So, if you’ve never considered buying from a manufacturer such as Weber before, I’d certainly encourage you to consider it.

Autumn is my favourite season and I love the colour of the trees, crisp weather and clear blue skies. I think these are brilliant conditions for a BBQ and you can always sit indoors if you feel you’re getting a bit chilly. This won’t detract from the brilliant taste a barbecue gives to meat and vegetables and you might even use these autumn months to try your hand at different recipes.

I’m not saying you have to ignore burgers and sausages, which are definitely a firm favourite among us Brits, but you can certainly experiment with seasonal produce. Some of the vegetables that crop up during autumn are pumpkin, aubergine and wild mushrooms, so you can make kebabs to grill or perhaps create a warming pie you can serve alongside the grilled food.

Pork and apple sausages will be a winner among those you invite round to your BBQ, while you might like to cook pork chops with apple sauce on your grill in keeping with this theme. Fruit cooks really well on a barbecue, so heat up some bananas and stuff them with chocolate – this will be a hit with young and old alike.

Don’t forget about other autumn desserts, either. Parkin always goes down well on Bonfire Night, so serve some of this to your guests, as well as carrot and walnut cake. Sticky toffee and date pudding and treacle pie will also be an impressive sight and taste lovely with a steaming mug of hot chocolate and cream.

If you’ve got any woodland or parks near your house where you are allowed to hold a barbecue and you have a portable grill, you can enjoy your autumn feast in a beautiful location, or perhaps you live close to the beach.
Any children among your guests will feel like they’re on an adventure, while they can play together while you get everything prepared for the lunch.

What are your favourite autumn recipes that can be used for a lunchtime gathering? Leave them in a comment below and you could inspire someone to try them.

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  1. BBQ’s are great, managed to fit in a couple this year on the few warms evenings we had. I love pork and apple sausages, sausages and bacon are my favourite to cook on a BBQ. I never cook chicken because it’s a bit risky.

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