Now the Grass Is Greener on Our Side

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Tried to think of a clever title for this post. But you should never really think the grass is ever greener on the other side, because it’s not! But our grass was growing like crazy after about a month of good watering.

Remember when we planted the grass seed? Well, we planted the grass seen on March 13, 2010, and here are the pictures we took on April 13th, 2010:

Now the only problem was weed control.

You can see that we also started building a fence along the driveway, and we also smooshed a layer of cement along the wall there to make it smooth. Building fences is not easy. You have to dig holes pretty deep to put the posts in (that’s the hard part). Everything else is really all about lining things up, cutting wood, and putting it together. Also, when you put the poles in the holes (yay, rhyme!), you have to put cement in the holes so the posts don’t fall down over time.

We also got rid of all the weeds on the left side of the yard that were growing like crazy before. At this point, it’s all dirt. We end up doing something to dress that later up as well.

Also, we cleaned up and planted some new plants in the front planter:

We kept the big weed in there because at the time it was pretty, but we ended up removing it later because, well, it’s a weed, and it grows like one!

About a week later, we had a bit thicker grass and a bit more fence done, and the castle brick stairway along the left side (finally) completed:

I also built an arbor type thing to go over the top of the stairway.

We still had some patches of bare dirt in the grass, so when that happens, just ruffle up the dirt a bit in that spot and plant some more grass seed and keep watering. Eventually we had no more bare spots.

Also the weeds were still a bit of a problem especially on the hill, so we just kept using weed killer (the kind that doesn’t kill grass) on that and eventually the weeds were all gone. If you want to control your weeds, just go around your yard once a week and spray any tiny weeds you see popping up. You have to get them before they get out of control. Eventually, you will have less and less weeds and the spraying of the weeds each week becomes less and less time consuming to just a couple minutes.

So we were pretty busy in the yard in the spring of 2010.

Next to come is the fence at the very top of the driveway in front of our cars, and then we paint the fence. And also a nice huge custom planter of lush flowers on both sides of the stairway at the top of the hill. I’m pretty proud of that, so stay tuned!

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