Safety First – Especially with Electricity

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I don’t talk about safety a lot here, and I’m sure a lot of the things we do when completing projects could be done in a safer manner.

Kyle and I chose to do our own electrical work on our house because we are knowledgeable in that area. When outlets or switches need to be replaced or moved, we simply do it ourselves, but one of the things we make sure of is turning off the electricity when working on anything electrical. No one wants to get electrocuted, and it can cause death, so we were very adamant about double checking electrical currents when doing electrical work.

We also have this handy dandy tool that measures electrical currents when you turn it on and put it up to a wire. If it beeps, the electricity is still going through that wire and you do not want to touch it!

This is a voltage detector:
voltage sensor

Even if you don’t plan on doing any electrical work, it’s nice to have this thing around for when it seems an outlet or switch isn’t working. You can kind of be your own troubleshooter. And even when you’re doing minor electrical work, you have to make sure there is no current, or you will get electrocuted.

You may not want to mess with the electrical in your house at all. That’s when you should call a professional to help you. When you hire an electrician, you should make sure they are licensed. It’s one thing for Kyle and I (who are not licensed electricians) to work on our own house. It’s a whole other story to hire someone you don’t know who’s not qualified to work on your house. You want to make sure it’s done right, especially if there is complicated work involved, and when safety is a concern.

If you’re anywhere near Mississauga in Ontario Canada, you can look up electrical contractor Mississauga. Thiel Electrical Contracting Ltd is a licensed, insured and accredited business which is a member of Better Business Bureau with A+ rating. So if you’re looking for a Mississauga electrical contractor who is licensed, then you can consider them.

We have not personally used Thiel, but we highly suggest that you hire a licensed electrician when you need electrical work done on your house. It could be a huge mistake to hire any random person who simply says “I don’t need a license. I know what I’m doing.” Not only can electrical problems lead to shock or death, but also fires. And electrical fires are the worst kind.

So do yourself a favor and get one of those handy dandy voltage testers, make sure your electricity is off when handling wires, and if you don’t want to chance doing the work yourself, you should definitely hire a licensed electrician who knows what they’re doing and has a good reputation. Most of all, never ever touch a live wire. here to leave a comment!

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