Our Shed is Up and Running

Beach Bungalow Time

Check out our last post in the Shed Series.

We finished building our beach bungalow shed so we have a place to store some of our stuff.

Here’s a look at some of the process.

Here’s the spot where we were going to put our shed:

Then I got set up:

Building on the solid rock:

Measure twice:

Cut once:

Don’t forget to wear safety gear when operating power tools. Do as I say, not as I do. I shouldn’t be wearing flip flops, and I should also be wearing safety goggles, and even a mask to block the saw dust.

Kyle putting together the framing:

Screwing the plywood to the framing:

Kyle putting the floor into place:

Then we had to carry all the framing with the plywood connected over and put it together. Because there was no room for us on the sides of the shed, we had to put the plywood on first and then bring it all over, instead of what you would normally do, which is set up the framing of the entire shed, and then screw on the plywood.

Then we installed the door:

The next day we put the plywood on the front:

And we had to fix the door because we built the frame for the door a bit too wide. This is why hanging doors is so difficult. There is little room for error.

Then we put some of our stuff in the shed:

I mainly wanted to get our bikes in there so they would be safe from the moisture in the air at night. It gets very wet at night by the beach.

Next, Kyle screwed the plastic corrugated roofing on top with special sealing screws:

Then the other day I built the shelves:

I love having a place to put all our tools. And it’s also nice to have outdoor space to build stuff again!

And here’s the outside at the moment:

Now all we have to do is put up some trim and paint it. Hopefully it’ll look cute when we’re done πŸ™‚

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9 Responses to 'Our Shed is Up and Running'

  1. Melanie @ MJ says:

    Awesome job! You made it look so easy. πŸ™‚
    Melanie @ MJ recently posted..I’m currently in love with…My Profile

    • Lisha says:

      thanks Melanie. It wasn’t too difficult actually. Semi-time consuming, but not that bad. I was even thinking of marketing us as a shed builder team on craigslist to earn some extra cash every now and then… haven’t implemented the idea yet, but it was definitely a thought πŸ™‚

  2. Looks great. Re-doing our shed is one of the projects we hope to accomplish in the next couple of years.
    Dan Polley (@polleydan) recently posted..Marinated Flank Steak Tacos with Cilantro-Lime Sour CreamMy Profile

    • Lisha says:

      Well, this only took maybe 16 hours total, so you may be able to accomplish that sooner than the next couple of years! πŸ™‚

  3. Well done!! Hugs and happy weekend wishes!
    Katherines Corner recently posted..Beautiful BasilMy Profile

  4. Born27 says:

    Great job Lisha! Thanks for sharing this with us and i really enjoyed your blog!
    Born27 recently posted..google voice conference callMy Profile

  5. Kathleen says:

    Wow, you really did make that look easy! Would you mind sharing the size and approximate cost for you to build it? My husband is interested in building a shed soon, so I would love to hear more info. Thanks!

    • Lisha says:

      Thanks Kathleen πŸ™‚

      The size of this shed is 4×6 feet and 8 feet tall at the tallest point. We made it this size so we could use as much plywood perfectly as possible, lol (thus saving money and not having too much leftover scrap wood).

      The total cost was about $250 in materials, and $0 in labor cost! πŸ˜‰ Obviously if you made it larger or smaller, the cost would be different, but not by much. It definitely beats buying a $1000 shed already made from Home Depot! Plus, this way you make it the exact dimensions you want for your space.

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