Installing Simple Vinyl Flooring

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Home Remodel Time

You’ve now seen our updates on our hallway area by the stairs:

and in the office:

But I haven’t even mentioned what flooring we used, or how we did it.

When deciding on what flooring to use, we had to think about cost, look, feel, function, and the ability to clean.

Obviously low cost was a priority. So because of that, we chose not to do hardwood floors. We know everyone loves hardwood floors, but they are way more expensive, and there is a lot more maintenance too.

The next thing we looked at was laminate. We already had laminate in our house and it was warping in the kitchen from water spilling on it. So we figured that was not the most practical flooring to use.

We discovered vinyl, and I always thought vinyl was out of style, until I realized there were really cool looking options that came in vinyl.

Vinyl floors are a really good choice for businesses too with all the floor traffic businesses get. You can look up commercial flooring choices and you will see that vinyl stacks up the best overall, for look, function, cost, and ease of cleaning.

The main thing that first drew me to vinyl flooring was that it is so easy to clean because it is virtually made of plastic. But don’t let that deceive you because our floors did not end up looking like or feeling like plastic at all. It just has the ease of cleaning like plastic does.

The other thing about vinyl is all the choices in style. There are vinyl tiles, vinyl sheets, and vinyl planks, and all of them have different looks. Some look like ceramic tiles, some have patterns, and some look like wood. We decided since our number one choice would have been hardwood that if we could find a vinyl flooring that looked like hardwood, we were all for it.

We found a really cool looking mahogany wood look in plank vinyl and we snatched it up. It was only 49 cents per square foot at the time, and we needed to buy this special glue to put it down. So to do our entire first floor (about 950 sq ft.), it only cost us about $750.

We finished laying the floors in the entire house by September 2010, so we got to enjoy our new vinyl flooring for over 9 months. Walking on it actually felt softer for your feet than the laminate did, and I was so happy with how easy it was to clean, especially when our house was on the market, because sometimes people would come to look at the house and I wouldn’t be given much notice to clean the house first. I could clean the vinyl floors very easily, and water does not ruin the floor like it did with the laminate.

People also thought our floor was wood. We didn’t have an objective view of our floors because we knew it was vinyl, but anyone who didn’t know, thought it was hardwood floors. So we definitely thought that was awesome!

The only drawback was that vinyl can be scratched. But I found a simple solution to that. Since our floors were dark brown, I would simply use a dark brown sharpie and draw it into the scratch. Voila, no more scratch. And if you choose a lighter colored floor, scratches wouldn’t even be noticeable.

Overall, I would definitely use vinyl flooring again.

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8 Responses to 'Installing Simple Vinyl Flooring'

  1. Another awesome vinyl option you might want to consider next time you consider flooring is the no glue vinyl! It’s thicker than regular vinyl but has a textured back that adheres to whatever flooring (or subflooring) you have down. It doesn’t move, either!

    We used it in our last house in the kitchen and absolutely loved it.

    When it came time to replace the flooring in our bathroom in the new house, we went with the no glue vinyl option.

    It was 96 cents/ft! After figuring in the cost of the glue and time, it was a better option for a small space 🙂

    • Lisha says:

      That’s awesome Micki 🙂

      yeah there is vinyl that you don’t have to buy glue for (the more expensive kind, lol!) I know you’re saying yours was 95cents a sq ft, but ours ended up being about 78 cents/sq ft (and since we were basically doing our whole house, we wanted the cheapest option possible). But yeah, we actually did our office room with no glue (it has sticky stuff on the back) and it wasn’t a problem. Just a couple corners came up and so we put glue on those corners and smashed them back down and put something heavy on top of those corners for a day or two. Then it was all good 🙂

      It’s way more convenient to not have to put the glue down though because that will save you like 2/3 the time! 🙂

  2. no glue vinyl – is the most amazing flooring technology we ever had. the solid feel of the flooring is not compromised.

    • Lisha says:

      I wonder how no glue vinyl actually works? It seems like the flooring would come up if you didn’t use glue… Are you talking about the vinyl flooring that already has sticky stuff on the bottom? We used that but we tried it out first in a small room, and it turns out the sticky stuff didn’t work well enough, so we used glue for the rest of the house.

  3. Vinyl flooring is wonderful especially when you have clean them. They are water resistant and give the same look as that of Hardwood or Laminate, that too at very low cost.
    Allen Parker @ Vinyl Plank Flooring recently posted..Express Flooring, Phoenix Tucson.My Profile

    • Lisha says:

      Yes, I love vinyl flooring. I think it’s really the best inexpensive flooring there is, and it’s really easy to put down 🙂

  4. Kristin says:

    That flooring is beautiful!!! Want to come do that to my living room? 🙂

    • Lisha says:

      Thanks! lol, for a price 😉 It really wasn’t very hard to put these floors down though. And I am pretty sure I will be using vinyl on future houses 🙂

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