Cleaning Your Kitchen Sink Drain and Garbage Disposal with Natural Household Items

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A kitchen sink drain and garbage disposal can be a haven for bacteria and mold to grow and for odors to form. Bacteria can grow on rotted remainders of food or in moldy water, which causes most of the odors that come from the sink. After all, food, liquids, and other residues are washed down the sink constantly, and some can get left behind. Food particles often become trapped within the drain or disposal, and water alone is not always able to fully rinse them away.

Household items, including food, that you may already have on hand in your kitchen can be useful for cleaning a drain and refreshing a disposal. These natural items include: baking soda, vinegar, fruit peels, lemon juice, and ice. When used together or alone, they can help to eliminate odors as well as mold and bacteria.

Baking Soda and Vinegar:

Just as baking soda is used in your refrigerator to help kill odors, it can work the same way in your kitchen sink. Baking soda is effective when used alone for deodorizing and helping to clean a drain. Pour a cup into the drain and let it sit for about twenty minutes, and then rinse away with boiling hot water. Baking soda can also be combined with vinegar; vinegar is a natural disinfectant as well as deodorizer and a great substance for cleaning around the home. When used together, the baking soda and vinegar mixture creates a foaming action that works to loosen particles caught within the drain or disposal and helps to reduce odors. The mixture can sit in the sink for about ten minutes before being rinsed with hot water.

Fruit Peels, Lemon Juice, and Ice:

Lemons, limes, and other citrus fruits are great for refreshing a sink. Cutting halves or peels and placing them down the sink, run the garbage disposal to produce a fresh, citrus scent that also helps to clean disposal blades. Lemon juice can work in the same way. As a naturally acidic substance, lemon juice works as a natural disinfectant. It too can be paired with vinegar and left sit in the kitchen sink drain for upwards of a half an hour, and then rinsed with hot water. This helps for both cleaning and deodorizing. Ice is also useful for cleaning and may be used alone or together with citrus peels. The ice works to clean and sharpen the disposal blades and to remove any food that has stuck, and paired with the fruit, produces a fresh scent while it cleans.

Natural Cleaning and Prevention Methods:

Any of these options are a natural alternative to using harsh chemicals and drain cleaners. Bleach and other chemical cleaners may be effective at killing bacteria and foul odors, but they can harden grease residue and possibly damage a garbage disposal or drainpipes. Overall, the use of chemicals can potentially do more harm than good and natural cleaners are usually just as effective and safer.

To help prevent odors and buildup in your drain and disposal, simply try to keep less food out of them. If you don’t have a garbage disposal, then you should use a strainer or stopper to keep food from running down the drain where it can’t be easily removed. If you have a disposal, remember to run it every time you wash dishes in the sink or put food down the drain, and run it for several minutes. Always run water at the same time as the disposal to help clear away food particles. Boiling hot water can be used routinely to clear out the drain, helping to eliminate bacteria, mold, and odors.

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