Breaking Through a Brick Wall – Front Yard Part One

Home Remodel Time

Before we even finished the stairs, we got to working on the yard. It was winter so we knew it would be a lot easier to work in the cool weather than in the 90-100 degree weather we typically have in the summer. Also, it would be better to plant things in the late winter/early spring so that the plants could get all the natural rain they could at the beginning of when we planted them.

Here’s our front yard before:

And here’s an aerial view of what our house looked like, with our property outlined in red:

We got the idea to move this wall further out to make a bigger grassy area, and a more cozy walkway:

Yes, this would get rid of this part of the driveway, but we found that it was impossible to use anyway. We also wanted to remove the palm tree because it really wasn’t doing anything for anybody, and it was in an awkward location.

So first we had to knock down this wall:

We basically just hammered the cinder blocks outward so they would break off.

Here are some things we found hidden inside the blocks:

I don’t know why those were hidden in the wall. Maybe the people who put them there thought of it as some sort of time capsule. Maybe they didn’t have a way to get rid of recyclables. Anyway, it was really interesting to find these old cans and bottles. We couldn’t tell exactly when they were from, but they seemed to be from the 70s or so.

Next time we will show you the removal of the palm tree, which was a DOOZY! Then the rebuilding of the great wall of Yost.

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4 Responses to 'Breaking Through a Brick Wall – Front Yard Part One'

  1. Wow. That seems like a big undertaking. From the looks of the aerial view, I don’t think I would use that part of the driveway, either.
    Dan Polley (@polleydan) recently posted..Saucy Summer Vegetables over Creamy Parmesan PolentaMy Profile

  2. Vicki says:

    Wow, you guys just love big projects! I love that you found all those old items in the wall, makes you wonder about the people who have come before you!
    Vicki recently posted..Organize YOUR Wardrobe ChallengeMy Profile

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