One Time This Happened…

One time we went camping and this happened:

Yep, that’s a river that’s flowing into our tent. The river wasn’t there the day before, but it was being created as we set up camp.

Here’s the back story:

We drove up to Fresno County where my sister and her family lives… up in the mountains in Squaw Valley (not the one by Lake Tahoe). We decided to camp up there while we were visiting because they live right next to King’s Canyon National Park and Sequoia National Forest. We got advice from my sister and her husband on the best campground and decided to stay there. The only problem was… it looked like rain… and there was rain in the local forecast, soon to come… like, as in just a few hours. So after hanging out at my sister’s for a while, Kyle and I headed off to the campground (which was about an hour away). By the time we got there, it was pouring rain, but we figured tents are waterproof, so we set up our stuff in the pouring rain. Once the tent was set up and our sleeping bags and everything were in there, we jumped in and changed our clothes so we were dry. We ate Lunchables for dinner and some candy for dessert. All the while, rain kept pouring down.

Here we are freezing cold:

But still smiling because we’re crazy and stupid. lol!

The next morning we saw the flood of river going under our tent, and it turns out, tents are not water proof. At least ours isn’t. All our blankets were soaked by our feet. We figured there was no way we could camp another night, so we got this:

And we had s’mores by melting marshmallows in the microwave the hotel provided.

Our trip was pretty much over because we didn’t have it in our budget to stay in a hotel for more than one night and my sister doesn’t have room at her house for guests.

At least we got to see some really huge trees (still sprinkling, as you can see from these photos):

Has anything like that ever happened to you? Did a vacation ever turn out completely unexpected? Have you ever tried to camp in the rain? here to leave a comment!

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6 Responses to 'One Time This Happened…'

  1. Helen says:

    I did once. We were caught in a very strong rain even before we were able to set up our tents. We had no choice but to continue with the task and hope that the rain won’t last long, which it did.
    Helen recently costumes onlineMy Profile

  2. Ah, no. But that’s likely only because I don’t camp! 😉
    Amy@BuffaloRoam recently posted..Happy AnniversaryMy Profile

  3. Sunish says:

    Hey guys.

    Not trying to spam you. I remember visiting your site many months back and you guys were in the process of making the house at that time. So much has changes and now the new home loos really cool. Also, like the blog layout and the green color.

    You guys rock. I will be back here again. I am working on some new blog projects and getting too busy to update my Cruise Pictures blog.

    Sunish recently posted..Looking at Venice from Holland AmericaMy Profile

    • Lisha says:

      Thanks Sunish, I appreciate that. Yeah, I remember you coming a while back. I keep track of everyone by putting everyone who comments in the “blog love” section that you can access through the menu bar at the top of our blog 🙂


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