Make your rooms dazzling and hygienic with clean carpets

This is a guest post by Jimy at Mr. Extreme Clean.

baby on carpet Carpet cleaning is one task that can quite easily enhance the looks of a room and also the entire house. A carpet should not only be clean in appearance, it should also be devoid of germs. What most people fail to realize while cleaning a carpet is that whether the carpet has been made germ free. All they focus on is whether the carpet looks clean.

A carpet can be a breeding place for several bacteria and microorganisms. These can adversely affect one’s health. These bacteria and germs can cause several types of allergies. Children and older people are at a greater risk of being affected as their immune system is not the strongest. Professional carpet cleaners render necessary services that are instrumental in not only making your carpet look good but also disinfecting it. This improves the aesthetic quality of one’s house.

A carpet can get damaged if cleaned by wrong techniques. A professional carpet cleaner when hired, takes into consideration the fabric with which the carpet is made of. Accordingly he uses the chemicals to clean the carpet.

Few important things to remember while cleaning a carpet:

  • Do not use shampoos – Many people use shampoos as a means for cleaning a carpet, they are under the impression that shampoos will soak dirt. The reality is shampoos actually leave soaps behind which gives rise to more dirt. So it is advised not to use shampoos.
  • Stain removals – Stains are usually difficult to remove. The first thing that one should do to remove a stain is to blot it with a dry piece of cloth. Baking soda is an effective remedy which aids in removing stains.
  • Oil spot removals – Baking soda along with cornstarch is effective in removing oil spots.
  • Chocolate stain removals – These sorts of stains can be removed with vinegar.
  • Use of vacuum cleaners – Using vacuum cleaners on a daily basis helps to prevent germs from building up.
  • Steam cleaning – One of the most effective ways of cleaning a carpet is by using this procedure. It works with a solution of hot water along with detergent. It loosens the dirt and removes them quite effectively.
  • Other effective ways – People should avoid walking over the carpet bare footed. This accumulates the germs. One should wear slippers or socks, which prevents dirt. One can also ask guests to remove their shoes outside while entering a room. This will avert germs and dirt.


There are several advantages of hiring professionals for carpet cleaning. Professionals will have a better knowledge about the material of the carpet. Expensive carpets are made up of fine fabrics. These can easily get damaged if not handled properly. An expert will have the right knowledge about which chemical to use for which type of carpet. This helps in retaining the glow and freshness of the carpet for years.

One should be careful and cautious while using an expensive carpet. Most carpets are damaged due to spillage and rough use. Using them properly and hiring professional cleaners will make them last long and help you to keep healthy.

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Jimy Jones possesses a lot of knowledge about carpet cleaning. He has shared his knowledge that would help you in keeping your carpets clean and hygienic.

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  1. yikes! now I’m even more grossed out by the stained, old carpet in our house! eeek!
    Will definitely be looking into steam-cleaning all these floors ASAP now! 🙂

  2. I definitely agree with the information posted here and I even would say that vacuuming often will not only prolong the life of the carpet but keep it from wearing out prematurely as well.
    Tampa carpet cleaner recently posted..The importance of cleaning carpetMy Profile

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