Installing Beautifully Simple Shower Doors

Shower doors.  We chose to order our shower doors online, mostly because Home Depot did have them in stock.  But before ordering the shower doors or even building the shower, we took measurements to make sure that shower doors were even available in the right size, and ones that we liked.  If you are making a shower from scratch, it’s just one thing that you need to think about.  Are there shower doors that will fit my shower, or do they need to be custom made?  Some other things to think about are,  Sliding doors or pull out doors?  Finishes, like chrome, or nickel? or gold (not suggested)?


So, this is how the shower doors were shipped to us.  I figured that it would be a good idea to take a picture of them before I even opened the box.  I mean, come on, they’re GLASS!  What torture did they go through on their journey to us?  With a package looking like this I was sure they were broken.  Well, to my surprise, they were just fine.  So we unpackaged the doors and read the instructions.  The instructions are pretty straight forward, so it is time to get to work.


The first thing to do is make sure all the parts are there, and do a test run and make sure all the parts fit together and that everything is going to work.  Since these doors are able to fit showers that are a bit different size than ours, I needed to cut a few pieces to make them fit.  Going by the way the instructions told me to measure, I cut the top and bottom plates to fit.  The bottom plate doesn’t get screwed in, but gets siliconed down.  I aligned the bottom plate and siliconed it in place.  No screws are needed to maintain a water tight seal.  Water would find a way to ruin everything if screws were used on the bottom.


Then comes the sides.  The sides are held in by a few screws that are drilled through the tiles and into the 2x4s behind.  I screwed the sides into place, after making sure they were level, of course.  Next comes the top plate.  The top plate is cut to size and slid on the two side pieces.  No screws again?  Yeah, nothing really holds the top in place except for gravity, and the weight of the doors.  It seems like there should be more holding the doors in place, but that is how they go together.  The sliding doors, which are glass, are very heavy and run on wheels attached to the top plate.  They are lifted into place and gravity holds them on.  And now we have shower doors.


Shower doors installed and complete.  They came out great.  After letting the silicone dry, they were ready for use.


Another view of the finished doors, and shower for that matter.


And now the left side of the shower.  Because of space constraints, we went with the sliding doors, and we both like them better any way.  Shower doors are pretty easy to install and make the bathroom look nice.  They show off the beautiful tile shower and match with the other hardware in the bathroom, tying everything together.

Don’t mind the ugly red towels. It was laundry day. These pictures make it look like Christmas time, even though it was in August.

So what do you guys think of the finished shower? We really like how it turned out and using it was even better.

Lisha is soon going to post the big before and after for the master bathroom, so come back for that.


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22 Responses to 'Installing Beautifully Simple Shower Doors'

  1. Fong says:

    I like how wide your niche is. Was going to do the same thing but that wall for my shower is the structural wall between me and my neighbor.

    I did a very similar door install last summer after an extensive bathroom remodel..well, extensive considering how small the bathroom actuall was. Video install (with old door removal) at

    • Lisha says:

      Hi Fong.

      Yeah we just took up that whole side of the bathroom, lol!

      And cool, thanks for sharing that 🙂


  2. They look great! I much prefer shower doors to curtains. We’ve never installed them, so it’s good to know it’s not too tough of a process!

  3. Yay for doors! Those look awesome!

  4. I would love a new glass shower door if I kept my tile cleaner LOL, that sounds awful doesn’t it LOl oh well the truth

    thanks for entering my 1st giveaway . and now I have found your blog

    Curtains in my tree recently posted..My 1st GiveawayMy Profile

    • Lisha says:

      I totally understand wanting to hide the shower sometimes, lol! Thanks for coming over Janice 🙂


  5. Wow, the shower looks awesome! We totally need to re-do our bathroom too, thanks for the great inspiration!
    Elena @ La Petite Vie recently posted..Caramel Stuffed Sugar CookiesMy Profile

  6. Oh snap! Our shower doors are on back order, so we’ve been showering in the guest bathroom. Those look great! Can’t wait for ours to get in!!
    Amy@BuffaloRoam recently posted..Hitting a WallMy Profile

  7. Great! The doors provide a nice, finished look. Thanks for visiting my blog, too!
    Judith C Evans recently posted..Beautiful Blogger AwardMy Profile

  8. Great job, it looks terrific. You have a big shower!Thank you fr linking to the Thursday Favorite Things Hop. Thank you,I appreciate your bloggy friendship xo
    Katherines Corner recently posted..Blooming MarvelousMy Profile

    • Lisha says:

      yeah the shower is really big! That was definitely our goal. The bathroom is kinda small, and the only way we could have really one great thing about it was to just let the shower take up just a bit more room. Sounds weird, but the shower just draws your attention when you walk in there, and having the clear doors makes the bathroom feel larger. There’s no way we could have put two sinks in there (which would have been ideal) so we decided to just make the shower wider 🙂


  9. Anne says:

    What a fabulous new shower and I love those doors!! Thanks for the tips.

    Thanks for popping over to my blog & leaving such sweet comments, too. Nice to meet ya!
    Anne recently posted..A Tiny Breakfast NookMy Profile

  10. That looks fantastic! It looks like the contractor you hired really just came in, did his business, and then left you with a redid shower door!

    -Irwin Zinkin

    • Lisha says:

      Thanks for commenting.Except we didn’t hire a contractor, Kyle did it himself! booyah! 😉


  11. I have a stand up shower with 2 sliding doors. Both of which were installed backwards, people can see IN the shower perfectly from the outside but if you are standing in the shower you can not see OUT.

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