Space Invaders and Volcanoes – Are You Covered?

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We’re all familiar with the fact that our home insurance protects us against flooding, storm damage and subsidence, but what about volcanic eruptions and invaders from outer space? Strangely enough, many policies will pay out in the unlikely event of these things damaging your home and have provisions for them written into the policy. If you’re unsure and you’re feeling nervous about falling spacecraft, it may be worth reading your home insurance policy, like insurance providers Castle Cover, more closely to see if you’re protected!

Spacecraft damage – what is and isn’t covered?

Yes, this is covered on many home insurance policies – although your insurer may be a bit sceptical if you claim alien ray guns destroyed your property. It really refers to the danger of pieces of aircraft or satellites falling to earth, or sonic booms from aeroplanes blowing tiles off your roof.

With regard to cars, however, it is likely your insurer would only pay out for spacecraft damage if you have fully comprehensive insurance – collision coverage doesn’t include falling objects!

It was widely publicised that 26 pieces of a NASA satellite fell back to Earth in September last year, although nobody was hurt by the incident: in fact, despite urban myths, there are no confirmed reports of people or properties ever being seriously harmed by space debris.

Volcanic eruptions – what is and isn’t covered?

While you might think you live too far from a volcano to worry about it, it’s worth remembering just how powerful volcanic explosions can be. It’s highly unlikely that the lava itself will reach as far as your home unless you live very close by, but the ash and poisonous gases they emit can have far-reaching consequences if the eruption is big enough.

Most policies will cover you for damage caused by a volcanic blast, airborne shockwaves, ash, dust or lava flow, as well as fire or explosions. Vehicles will likely be covered in the same way under a comprehensive policy.

However, most home insurance policies will not pay out for damage caused by earthquake, land tremors, landslides and mudflow, regardless of the cause – you will usually need to pay extra for earth movement protection. The cost to remove ash from your property also isn’t included in most policies.

If you want to be sure your insurance policy has you covered, don’t be afraid to call your provider and ask plenty of questions – there’s no sense in just assuming you’re protected!

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