Now All We Need Are Shower Doors

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Hey people, before we get started on this post, I wanted to remind you of the Giveaway we’re having here! Woo Hoo! Who doesn’t love free stuff, right? So head on over and pop in an entry so you have a chance to win!

We also have rescheduled the big Bloom into Spring Exchange Reveal posts to Friday 4-20, so make sure you come back to that and see what all the partners sent to each other! It’s going to be really fun to see 🙂

I also wanted to remind you that at this point, 1house1couple is talking about the house flip (that took us about 3 years to complete!) We have already sold the house, so when we’re talking about this bathroom here, we don’t even live in this house anymore. We’re just really proud of all the hard work we did, so we’re documenting it all here on the blog. Once we’re done documenting the first house, we’ll get into more present say stuff 🙂

Grouting the Shower

Click here for more detailed instructions on how to grout.

Now we’re in August 2009. Look, I did the grout in the shower finally!

It still needed to be cleaned off at this point.

And the mighty giant shelf:

Here it is all clean (well almost all the way clean) and with the shower heads and knobs, and the drain installed:

Those things in the window sill are the trim pieces to go around the window to make it all pretty:

We still had to clean it a bit more and also clean the walls where some of the grout got smeared on. We were also going to add a trim piece along the top of the shower to hide the top end of the tiles. But other than that, all we needed now were shower doors, and then we could finally enjoy our new huge master shower 🙂

And Tommy decided this would be his new bed:

This was such an exciting stage for us. What’s something spectacular you’ve done that made you feel super good about yourself? here to leave a comment!

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4 Responses to 'Now All We Need Are Shower Doors'

  1. The shower came out beautifully! I absolutely love it! I dont think I’d ever get out!
    Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication recently posted..New AdditionsMy Profile

    • Lisha says:

      Thanks Ashley, and yes I think I probably spent more time in that shower than any other shower, lol! 😉


  2. This is funny timing… we juuuust finished grouting our new shower this week! Nice job!
    Amy@BuffaloRoam recently posted..I Married MacGyverMy Profile

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