More Shower and A Tiny Lizard

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Here are our Shower updates so far:


This is how long it took us to do the entire master bathroom:

We started on March 18, 2009, and here we are on June 29th, still not done. But we’re getting so close. I wanted to give you another little update. We got some more tiles up.





And here’s a little message Kyle decided to leave behind the frame for where the shower doors will go (he does this a lot! he’s so romantic!):



And just for fun, here’s a cute tiny lizard Kyle found one day (he lost his tail, that’s what they do when they’re scared):




Isn’t that the cutest lizard you’ve ever seen? We have a lot of lizards in southern California. I used to catch them a lot when I was a kid. They are so cute and harmless. Some of them are really hard to catch and others just sit there frozen so they’re easy to get. here to leave a comment!

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13 Responses to 'More Shower and A Tiny Lizard'

  1. Ashley says:

    That is the cutest little lizard I’ve ever seen!
    Ashley recently posted..Just Another Faucet on the WallMy Profile

  2. Rachel says:

    I love the message Kyle put in the shower! Awesome 🙂 That lizard is ADORABLE!! I wonder if it is a baby? So tiny!! I once rescued an alligator lizard from a little pool and it bit me for my effort (didn’t hurt too badly though) so I’ve been hesitant to pick up lizards ever since, but a tiny one like this I wouldn’t mind! (I don’t think!)
    Rachel recently posted..My Mountain High MomentMy Profile

    • Lisha says:

      Hi Rachel,
      oh yeah that tiny baby lizard would be harmless! wow, way to sacrifice your hand for the alligator lizard!


  3. Reece says:

    The lizard looks so cute! Don’t they bite?
    Reece recently posted..jamorama softwareMy Profile

    • Lisha says:

      Hi Reece, I have never been bit by a lizard, but it seems one of our readers, Rachel, was bit by an alligator lizard once. I don’t think that regular little lizards bite though.


  4. Cindy says:

    We found one similar lizard. (a bit smaller). His tale fall off when I picked it up. I guess it was a natural reaction.
    Cindy recently posted..Buy Cheap YouTube ViewsMy Profile

    • Lisha says:

      Hi Cindy, oh my gosh, and even smaller lizard! how cute! yeah, it’s like a defense mechanism for their tail to fall off. Maybe they think the predator will think the tail is the main body, so they might not get eaten.


  5. The secret message Kyle wrote is so cute! And the tiny lizard is just as cute!
    Meaghan @ lovelee honeybee recently posted..Pinterest ChallengeMy Profile

    • Lisha says:

      Thanks Meagan, I’ll be sure to tell him you said that. Kyle hid so many little secret messages behind walls and such in that house! lol!


  6. Danyelle Franciosa says:

    The Lizards looks cute but Oh-oh I hate Lizards, I am afraid of the little crawly.
    Danyelle Franciosa recently posted..Bifold DoorsMy Profile

  7. Louise Edu says:

    The shower is really coming along, and I luv the dual heads! Cute lizard too! hehe…here lizard lizard my dad would say =P
    Louise Edu recently posted..The Potty Training ChroniclesMy Profile

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