Hanging Doors the Right Way

This is a guest post by Nick.

Anyone who has successfully hung a door before will attest to the pitfalls. Hanging a door isn’t the most complicated DIY task available in the home; in fact it actually seems relatively simple. However like most things DIY, by not having the proper equipment or following a strict process you are very likely to have poorly finished work.

Doors are unforgiving, you really need to get them hung 100% perfect or you will have any number of problems. Broken hinges, bad drafts, closing issues and a very amateur look are just some of the issues resulting from poor workmanship.

It is for these reasons that we have put together this simple step by step guide to help you hang doors the right way. Before you start working on the door it is important to have the following tools to hand:

Tape measure
Steel screw
Masking tape
Abrasive paper
New door
Hinges and screws
Combination square


1. Remove old door

Obviously the first part of the process is to remove the old door. To do this make sure it is properly supported underneath, start with the bottom hinge and carefully unscrew each. Older doors may have pretty tough or painted over screws, in which case use the screwdriver to chip away excess prior to unscrewing.


2. Check the new door fits

This may sound pretty obvious but once you have the old door removed you should see place the new one in the gap and see how it fits. If the old door fitted well, lay the new door on top of the old one and mark the changes required. If you do need to make alterations be sure to do it from both the top and the bottom to keep things symmetrical. Make sure there is a 2mm gap on each edge of the door to allow for closing, allow a bit more at the foot of the door if you have thick carpet.


3. Marking hinges

Once you are happy with the fit of your door frame it is time to get the hinges attached. Hopefully your new hinges will fit in the frame recess left by the old ones. If not use the new hinge as a template and mark the excess, use a mallet and chisel to remove any wood then check the new hinge fits flush. Using one screw; attach each hinge to the door frame then open so that each pivot sticks out. Prop the door on wedges and using a pencil mark where each hinge meets the door.

NB: Using one screw means you can test the door and hinges but also make quick changes should anything not fit 100% correctly.


4. Fixing hinges

Remove the hinges from the door frame and line them up with the pencil marks you made to the door. With a pencil or flat edge mark the width of the hinge to the door. With your chisel and mallet tap around the outside of the marking then with the bevel of the chisel facing toward the waste wood start to make your recess. Check that the hinge fits flush within the recess and attach each using one screw.

NB: Brass screws are a bit soft and can easily warp, use a steel screw first to make the threads.


5. Hang the new door

Using wedges again and making sure that the door is at right angles to the frame attach the hinge flaps to the door frame (again using one screw). Check the action of the door; if it fits and works well add the rest to the screws. If not figure out the issue, remove the door and go through the process again.


About the Author

The above tips on how to hang a door are brought to you by Nick at Yale Composite Doors. All of our front doors are fitted within a week of ordering by our team of specialists. Not only do Yale front doors look great; each door is manufactured to adhere to strict security standards set by the Met Police.

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  2. […] with your spouse, almost give-up, and then pull through and finish up with a beer. Lisha from One House One Couple actually had a guest blogger talk about this whole process (minus the drama), so check it out […]

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