DIY Home Security – 5 Reasons to Love SimpliSafe’s Burglar Alarms

This is a guest post by Kevin Raposo, blogger at Simplisafe.

These days home security can be a concern for a lot of homeowners out there, and let’s face it, you have every right to be concerned! Unfortunately, most people don’t even think about home security until it’s too late…

So here’s a head start: You don’t need to get an expensive wired-and-tired home security system. There is a DIY home security system that is both easy to install and high-tech enough to ensure you get the peace of mind you deserve: It’s called SimpliSafe.

In the past, the alarm security industry has been selling out-dated technology at highway-robbery prices. A common practice has been to scare customers into signing long-term contracts that are chock-a-block with fine print and provisions. Let’s not forget, an alarm installation professional will go to your home, drill holes, and run wires through your walls. I know what you’re thinking: The only person drilling holes in my walls is ME!

Here’s the kicker: After you’ve paid $300-600 for this “technician” to drill holes and run wires in your walls, the alarm doesn’t even belong to you. That little detail can be found in the fine print of traditional alarm contracts. So if you ever cancel your alarm service, the alarm company has every right to disable your security system.

With terms like that it’s no wonder most homes are wide open treasure troves for burglars. There is another way: If you are willing to put in a few minutes of time and the minimum of effort, you’ll avoid all the pain and hassle of wires, contracts, and the astronomical bills associated with traditional home alarms.

Why DIYers Love SimpliSafe Security Systems

SimpliSafe offers a wireless security system that you install without any professional help, cutting the cost of a traditional alarm system. Unlike the junk-o DIY solutions out there, it’s a fully monitored security system that comes with a 3 year product warranty and a 60 day money-back guarantee. Plus here are 5 more reasons people are choosing to self-install SimpliSafe security systems.

No Wires to fuss with– All SimpliSafe components are battery-powered and communicate wirelessly with the Base Station. They have a 400-500 ft. range. Batteries last five years, so your won’t need to worry about replacing them all time.

Customization is the Norm: Unlike other companies that sell you packages, SimpliSafe lets you custom build a system to fit the needs of your home with their Custom Alarm System Tool.

No Phone Line Needed: SimpliSafe is Cellular – The system is connected to SimpliSafe’s alarm monitoring center via a cellular link. Cellular allows the alarm to communicate more quickly with their monitoring center—and it means you don’t need to have a phone line. Cellular is included free of charge, when you subscribe to their $14.99 No Contract Alarm Monitoring Plan. (Most companies require you to buy additional equipment and charge up to $55 per month for cellular monitoring).

No Contract – Monitoring is completely optional and pay-as-you-go. You don’t need to sign over your first born child to get protected. There are no cancellation or re-activation fees. Zilch. Just service IF you want it, when you want it.

DIY Installation Made Easy – It’s “plug & play”: all your sensors arrive pre-programmed, batteries installed, and adhesive strips ready-mounted, so set-up just takes minutes. No tools required—just peel and stick (of course if you can’t resist pulling out the phillips-head you can screw-mount all sensors… it’s your choice).

Here’s how easy the installation is: Watch this 5-minute burglar alarm installation video.

The best part about SimpliSafe is that it’s affordable. Systems start at $199.99 and no contract alarm monitoring is just $14.99/month.

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13 Responses to 'DIY Home Security – 5 Reasons to Love SimpliSafe’s Burglar Alarms'

  1. I’ll have to look into this. We installed a bunch of nice deadbolts and locks, but have still been discussing adding a security system of sorts as well!
    Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication recently posted..Gettin’ Er DoneMy Profile

    • Lisha says:

      Hi Ashley, thanks for stopping by. I guess you never know whether you need an alarm system until you really need one (or until it’s too late).


  2. momto8blog says:

    thank you for this information.
    momto8blog recently posted..75 Minutes On a SundayMy Profile

  3. Secure Home says:

    Thank you for nice writing on DIY Home Security – 5 Reasons to Love SimpliSafe’s Burglar Alarms

  4. Home invasions are increasing rapidly. These thugs know that there is less of a chance getting caught burglarizing a home then robbing businesses.
    So stay safe, be vigilant, install deadbolts and keep alarm activated. If you don’t have an alarm system you can get a Home Security System
    for free. Up to 15 entry points.

  5. Kevin Raposo says:

    Glad to hear everyone enjoyed the article. Stay posted, hopefully I will be able to post some more additional tips for your homes security.


    Kevin Raposo

  6. I am dreaming to obtain security services that i can trust a life time. This certain feeling would be much assured if ever i can get in to this product. The stated services that would cause us customer to love the product were very interesting and had captivated me with the thought to have one of it.

    • Lisha says:

      Thanks for stopping by. You have a great blog that expresses the importance of home security 🙂


  7. Tom says:

    I sell Ademco alarm systems for DIY homeowners and been doing this for over fifteen years now. However once my middle son moved away to school living in an apartment, what did I buy for him? SimpliSafe! This was the least expensive option for professional grade equipment and I can get Ademco wholesale. I have a review of my experience at if interested in what you be considered before making a home security system purchase.

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