One Year Anniversary Day 4

Hey everyone, if you actually read 1house1couple, you know that Kyle and I are currently in our 4th year of marriage, but right now, here at the blog, we’re talking about things that happened in the past. Right now we’re in July of 2009, when we celebrated our 1 year anniversary. I’m sure that’s confusing to all of you, but this is how things are until we catch up to present day 🙂

Check out the oldies if you’re not caught up: Anniversary Day 1Anniversary Day 2Anniversary Day 3.

Day 4 was the end of our camping trip and we pretty much just soaked up a bit more of the ocean, packed up, and went to Sonny’s Pizza and Pasta for lunch (my all time favorite italian restaurant).

Instead of making a video this time, I’m just posting the pictures.

I wanted to try to get a little skim boarding in before we left, so I got up early. Kyle later came over to take some pictures of me.

You can see the camera crew behind me. They were shooting a documentary movie about me and my fantastic skim boarding skills! haha!

No, really though, it was a camera crew, they just weren’t interested in my skim boarding. This stretch of malibu is common for movie shooting because it’s not crowded with people, so it’s easy to close off the road for a few minutes at a time. And it’s close to Hollywood. Every time we camp here we see something being filmed. One time we saw a Lamborghini commercial being shot.

I was having a rough day out there and Kyle didn’t get any good action shots of me this time. I’m not super good at skim boarding anyway. I tend to just jump off before I can fall. Click here to see our video of Kyle and I skimboarding.

So I decided to call it quits and just go out into the ocean. Surprisingly it wasn’t that cold. Probably because I was hot from skim boarding. As you can see this morning was very gloomy (which tends to be the case in the mornings by the ocean).

Then Kyle took some pictures of the local creatures:

Many people don’t like Sea Gulls because they’re like pests who scavenge and try to eat all our food at the beach, but I really like Sea Gulls. These two were really cute. I like to think they’re husband and wife Sea Gulls celebrating their 1 year anniversary too. lol!

After that, we packed up, took down our tent, and went to Sonny’s Pizza for lunch in San Clemente. If you’re ever in Southern California, look it up. It seriously has the best italian food you will ever taste. I always get the thin crust pepperoni pizza and it is delish! Just thinking about it now is making my mouth water.

So how about you guys? Have you ever seen something being filmed for TV or movie? Or have you been lucky enough to actually be on TV? I figure if I’m ever on TV, it will be in the local news, lol! here to leave a comment!

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8 Responses to 'One Year Anniversary Day 4'

  1. These are beautiful pictures!! I hope to make it out to California one day! It just seems sooo far away from me!
    Deanna @ TheChangingHouse recently posted..Coconut macaroons.My Profile

    • Lisha says:

      Hi Deanna, yeah we don’t get out of California very often either. It’s a lot easier (and you have an excuse) if you know someone who, or if a family member lives where you want to go. 🙂


  2. Connie says:

    I would want to be on a TV commercial but I guess the right time is yet to come. Ha! But I have seen a couple of movies and commercials being shoot during my college years. Anyway, nice shots though the weather is kinda gloomy.
    Connie recently guitar softwareMy Profile

    • Lisha says:

      Hi Connie, yeah the weather was gloomy. I’ve never been on tv either. I don’t know if I ever really want to be…


  3. AizaMay says:

    Happy Anniversary! Looks like a nice place and I bet you had really fun all throughout the vacation…Congratulations!
    AizaMay recently posted..Sharepoint Hosting 2010My Profile

  4. Vicki says:

    Beautiful photos, looks like you had a lovely time!

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