Laying A Bathroom Tile Floor

Today, we’re back in business, getting down to DIYing it again, which is what we love. Yesterday, Kyle and I went to Home Depot, and as we got out of the car I said, “Remember when we used to live here?” And then we walked in and I said, “Oh I just love the smell of Home Depot… All the wood, chemicals, and paint…”

Well, I do like the smell of the wood. And I do miss Home Depot. We don’t go there very often anymore, but back in the day we were at Home Depot every single day. It’s like visiting your old stomping grounds. I can’t wait until Home Depot becomes our second home again.

By the way, who thinks that Home Depot should pay us for saying all that? I do! lol!

Now today we’re going to show you more progress on the bathroom. First, shower stuff:

Kyle finished putting in the cement over the shower liner (which is not an easy task because you have to make it all angle toward the drain, so you don’t get any puddles that stick around.

We did a test and he poured some water down the shower drain and I went downstairs to see if anything leaked (this was before we closed up our new ceiling in the downstairs bathroom with drywall).

You can also see that Kyle started laying the tiles on the floor.

Before you actually slap some mortar down and lay the tiles, you need to make sure you do a little planning of how you want your tiles to go, so they look as pleasing to the eye as possible:

It’s good to draw lines where you want the tiles to go so you put them in the right place. You can’t totally see the lines when you put mortar down, but you can see the lines for the tiles next to it. You also need to use those little tile spacers (they come in a variety of widths so you can have the grout line width of your choice). We choose to have a thin grout line because I think that looks less commercial. We didn’t want our bathroom to look like it belonged at McDonald’s.

Once you know how the tiles are going to go, and where you’re going to make cuts (if any) then you can start slapping down the mortar. It’s best to have even cuts on one side of the room as the other (by the walls), because it would look really bad to have teeny tiny tiles on one side of the bathroom and whole tiles on the other side of the bathroom.

After Kyle put some tiles down, he double checked to make sure the floor moulding would cover the gap by the walls, and it DOES! Yay! (just barely, but it works!)

And he did the tile around the toilet area like that because the toilet covers that whole area.

The next day he finished up laying the tiles on the bathroom floor.

At this point I was very excited because once the floor is all done, we can put in the permanent toilet and permanent vanity and hook up the sink plumbing, and actually use our master bathroom (just not the shower yet).

I got to do the grouting since Kyle pretty much did everything else, and it was something I could easily do. Luckily everything turns outreally well because Kyle and I are both very detail oriented and like to do things right.

Tomorrow I’ll give you a little update on the closet I’m building in the office. YAY! 🙂

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23 Responses to 'Laying A Bathroom Tile Floor'

  1. I love the tile. It’s a really nice color. I also love the smell of home improvement stores. It’s a mix of wood, fertilizer, and chemicals. It’s weird how much I like it!
    Shannon @ Bungalow960 recently posted..OmahaMy Profile

  2. Ashley says:

    I with you guys – I LOVE the hardware store! Generally I can be found in the paint or hardware aisles, though…
    Ashley recently posted..Power Tool Link Party #1My Profile

  3. Jaimee says:

    Looking good! I am also a Home Depot lover 🙂

  4. ileana says:

    It’s looking great. what a good job. I can’t wait to see the finished bathroom.

  5. janet says:

    The tiles look fantastic.
    I was just at Home Depot today! We can’t seem to drive past one without going in. Crazy!
    janet recently posted..One Room Challenge – Week 5My Profile

  6. Reuben says:

    The tile looks good. Good work.
    Reuben recently posted..DIY Project: Painted CurtainsMy Profile

  7. We went to Lowe’s (sorry!) first thing after we closed on the house yesterday. We didn’t really buy anything because we were too much in shock and just wandered around saying “Woah. We bought a house.” hehe 🙂
    Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication recently posted..Hey! We Bought a House!My Profile

    • Lisha says:


      I’m not against Lowe’s. hehe! Yes! It’s so fun to just dream up stuff walking through lowe’s or home depot, or whatever home warehouse store near you. Congrats on closing on the house! So awesome!!! 🙂


  8. Hi Onehouseonecouple,
    Very interesting, In today’s world of information and technology everyone is a do-it-yourselfer. We’ve all tackled projects in our homes, convinced we can do it just as well, or even better, than a professional. Who among us hasn’t painted a wall or upgraded a light fixture? The ambitious few may have even finished a basement or installed new cabinets. And even the most inexperienced homeowner has certainly tightened a bolt or fixed a squeaky door hinge.
    Keep up the good work

  9. Getting the slope right so there is no water standing is pretty hard if you have never done it before, believe me I know!

    • Lisha says:

      Hi Louise, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂

      yeah, I did not do the shower slope, Kyle did, and he did such a great job. I am always amazed at his abilities to do things right the first time!


  10. Katie says:

    Love your choice of tile! So pretty

  11. Hey There Onehouseonecouple,
    Thanks for the above, I want to pull up the carpet (yes I said carpet) in my bathroom & put down some tile to class my crapper up. I have laid wood floors in the past & feel comfortable around tools. I am not worried about the cuts (renting a wetsaw) . . but I am a little worried about spacing (up & down) & the edges (grout wise). I understand that I should prep the floor . . lay out the tiles w. spacers to insure a good fit . . then lay the morter . . working the tiles from one side moving towards the door. . . after it dries for a day …grout it by pushing grout in the crevices???? then buffing??? Again I have never done this but the room is only 4x6ish . . so if I ruin it I am not going to be out much cash & will hire someone to redo it (after I rip it up). Any help would be appriciated…thanks, Randy

    • Lisha says:

      I can’t imagine you never having laid bathroom tiles before if your business is bathtub resurfacing, but just in case this isn’t a spam comment, I will give you the benefit of the doubt. After all, tubs are not floors.

      Tomorrow’s blog post is going to be about this, actually, so stay tuned for that. 2-29-12

      here’s the link (it won’t work until the blog post is published) :


  12. plumbing says:

    Commercial tile cleaner can also be replaced with fresh and concentrated lemon juice. It is as effective as any other commercial cleaner. Moreover, it leaves a fresh fragrance behind making bathroom look fresh and clean. Test concentrated lemon juice on some hidden floor area to make sure it does not damage tiles.

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