Grouting Tile and Installing Toilet and Vanity

Okay, now we’re back to the master bathroom.

After Kyle was officially done laying the tiles on the main floor part of the bathroom, I grouted the tiles.

Laying the tiles is the hard part. Grouting is the easy part (except you can get a blister on your hand from doing it, like me).

You need to get some grout:

*photo from

You need to get what’s called a grout float which has a rubbery foam type surface:

*photo from

You mix the grout as instructed on the bag. Then you smoosh the grout into the cracks at a diagonal angle, then I usually try to smoosh more going the other diagonal direction just to make sure the grout really fills the cracks all the way. So make sure you go in every diagonal direction when smooshing the grout in. Here’s my cheesy drawing to help explain:

You don’t want space underneath any grout because then your grout could crack and fall down in the crack. You could always add more grout if that ever happened, but it’s best to do it right the first time because wet grout won’t adhere as well to dry grout, so really smoosh it all in good.

After smooshing the grout in the cracks, you take a big smooth yellow grout sponge:

*photo from

Gently wipe the surface of the tile so the grout is about level with the tile (it’s okay if the grout is a teeny tiny bit recessed below the tile, but just a teeny tiny bit). The tile will be foggy from the grout, but don’t worry about that until you’re completely done grouting and the grout has dried. After the grout has dried, then you can clean the foggy looking tiles with a clean grout sponge.

After your grout has dried (read the directions to know how long it takes for the grout to dry) you should spray grout sealer on the grout lines. You let it soak into the grout for a couple minutes, then wipe it down. Then I would wait a day (after the grout sealer has dried) and spray some more grout sealer again and wait a couple minutes, then wipe it down. Two coats of the grout sealer should be enough, but you can always do a third for good luck. This keeps your grout from absorbing any stains, so your tile floor will look newer longer.

*photo from

After the floor was done, we Kyle installed the vanity cabinet…
bathroom vanity cabinet

Then the vanity top (counter) and faucet…
bathroom vanity top and faucet

Then the toilet…

Then the toilet tank…


I already installed the new light fixture a while back. I had to move the hole/wires about 3/4 an inch over so that the light fixture would be more centered over the new vanity.

I didn’t personally want the oak look in the vanity cabinet, but they ran out or didn’t have (don’t remember) the dark espresso color that I would have preferred. But at least it’s new and clean.

So here’s the before of this angle:

And here’s the after of this angle:

Now here’s what we have left for the master bathroom:

  • Put up the toilet paper holder
  • Put up a mirror
  • Put floor moulding around the bathroom floor
  • Put trim around the window
  • Tile the shower
  • Grout the shower
  • Install the shower head and shower controls
  • Install shower doors
  • Change the doorknob on the bathroom door (way later, when we decided to change all the knobs in the entire house to match each other)

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think about the master bathroom redo so far! here to leave a comment!

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20 Responses to 'Grouting Tile and Installing Toilet and Vanity'

  1. Oh wow it looks awesome! I love the earth tones. Very calming.
    Shannon @ Bungalow960 recently posted..Eleven ThingsMy Profile

    • Lisha says:

      Thanks Shannon. I prefer earthtones and calming tones because my mind is crazy on the inside, so I have to have peace and tranquility on the outside lol! 😉


  2. It is looking great you guys!! Keep it up!

  3. Wow Lisha MAJOR improvement. Love the wall color too!
    Bella (@weheartDIY) recently posted..DIY Canvas ArtMy Profile

    • Lisha says:

      Thank you Bella 🙂 I was wary of choosing such a dark color, but I think it turned out nice 🙂 The only problem with dark colors in the bathroom is that you can see water spots by the sink…


  4. dana says:

    Nice job on the tile install, as I know it is not always an easy thing to do! I enjoyed the post!

  5. Danyelle Franciosa says:

    Such a great looking toilet. You’ve made a great improvements here and I really like it.
    Danyelle Franciosa recently posted..Bifold DoorsMy Profile

  6. momto8blog says:

    looks great!!! i think I have the same colors…and i love the colors!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    have fun!
    momto8blog recently posted..Happy Birthday To My Eighth Child.My Profile

  7. Hey Onehouseonecouple,
    Thanks, on a related note, Many people are trying to learn about installing or laying down their own tile, and a huge key to that is knowing how to grout the tile. There are a few tricks to grouting that will help you on your way to success and they will be sure to help you out and make your job much easier than you originally thought. Any time you are installing some new tile, just remember these grouting tips and your tile will last much longer and look much more stylish.
    Great Job!

    • Lisha says:

      Thanks! yes, it’s very important to grout properly and also seal your grout so that it stays clean and fresh longer! 🙂


  8. plumbing says:

    Most tile grout becomes infested with mildew and mold if it is in a splash area. In addition to staining the grout, these growths tend to cause a peculiar smell, and you may want to use a bleach cleaner to eradicate mildew and mold altogether. Cleaning with bleach will restore the grout to its original color and eliminate mold and mildew spores which could grow again.

    • Lisha says:

      Because we treated our grout 3 times with sealant, we didn’t have any problems with the grout staining from mold and mildew. Just clean it like usual. But yes, bleach is a good killer of mold. Thanks for that tip.


  9. Grout Guy says:

    Great job! The steps you enumerated are exactly the steps I always recommend to my readers. The most common mistake that people do when grouting tile, is to apply the grout mixture, then install the tiles. We know of course that this is not the right way to grout tile. Tiles must be installed and spaced evenly first, then you put down the grout mix. When the grout has cured, applying a grout sealer will make it highly resistant to dirt accumulation and heavy traffic! Again, wonderful post!
    Grout Guy recently posted..Learn More About Grout Sealing and Why You Should Do ItMy Profile

    • Lisha says:

      Yes, exactly. The tiles should be completely laid down and dried before grout is applied. It wouldn’t make sense to do it any other way.

  10. Joy says:

    Excellent job on the tile guys! I am not much of a DIY person when it comes to home improvements so I can respect the work you put in here!

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