Concrete Board Up on the Shower

Kyle here, my turn again. I am going to explain part of the process of tiling a shower. It is a lot of work to tile a whole shower but it looks really nice and makes the bathroom feel more luxurious. Take your time and make sure you do a lot of planning.

In this picture you can see the shelf for soap and shampoo bottles.  I made that sucker nice and big so there will be enough room for whatever we want to put on it.  It is cut out of the wall but not framed like a window, I didn’t feel the need to.  This is not a load bearing wall and the soap shelf isn’t going to have very much weight placed on it. The yellow electrical wire is going to be removed later.

We have started to install the concrete backerboard. You install the concrete backerboard like you would drywall. It will be the backing for the tiles to grip onto.  It’s stronger than drywall and can support more weight.  Tiles and mortar can get very heavy.

Here we have completely covered the shower with the concrete backerboard. You will need to place tape wherever there are two edges of the backerboard, just like you would on drywall. This will help prevent cracks from the backerboard separating. After applying the tape you need to fill in the seams with mortar, the same mortar you will be using for the tiles.

Another picture to show you where the shelf is so you can see it better.

The left side of the shower. Don’t forget to cut out the holes for the shower head and the shower controls before installing the backerboard. They are small, but you can see where the shower head is going to be and where the controls are going to be. In our shower the tiles are going from the ceiling to the floor, so the concrete board needs to touch the concrete shower floor and the ceiling.

The right side of the shower with all the backerboard installed and holes cut out. All we need to do is apply mortar in the seams and then we are ready to install the tiles. That should be easy, right? Well, we will see.

What do you think of our shower so far? Leave a comment below. here to leave a comment!

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14 Responses to 'Concrete Board Up on the Shower'

  1. Oh my gosh the shelf for the shampoo and soap bottles is GENIUS. I love how it’s built in. Those clunky ones you throw over the shower head look so cheapy. Nice work!
    Shannon @ Bungalow960 recently posted..A Bungalow Tour: The BeforeMy Profile

  2. Love the cut out for the shampoo shelf!
    Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication recently posted..Packing Attack PlanMy Profile

  3. Ashley says:

    I’m trying to convince Mike that we should add in a niche for shampoo bottles and everything, but he’s playing hardball (I don’t know why!!!). I sent him this post to hopefully change his mind.
    Ashley recently posted..It Always Gets Better.My Profile

    • Kyle says:

      Just wait until you see the finished product. The shelf is one of the best parts of the shower. We have plenty of room for both our shower products. If he doesn’t want to build one yet, just wait until he sees the finished shower. It is really nice having that shelf.

  4. Kate says:

    I LOVE it! that nook is just brilliant.
    Kate recently posted..Banana Bread French ToastMy Profile

  5. Janet says:

    I was going to comment on the shelf too, but everyone else has so I’ll just say – looks great so far! I can’t wait to see the final product. We’re putting a shelf in our shower too…might as well use that wasted space btwn the walls, I say!
    Janet recently posted..One Room Challenge – The Final Post!My Profile

  6. It looks great so far. I love the built in shelf. I’m assuming you are joking when you say the tile install should be easy?!! Don’t underestimate the mess you can get into when they don’t align or slip slightly between the pegs. It can be a touch and go, steady hand operation. A bit like my old shower dial in fact… a mm to the right and it was burning hot, a mm to the left and I was in Antarctic water!

    In short, never underestimate the fine act of tiling. It can be the cause of many an argument! 😉

    Great piece, thanks
    Grace recently posted..15 Steps to Becoming Frugal TodayMy Profile

    • Lisha says:

      lol Grace thanks for all of that. Yeah, tiling is not easy. it is a very precise job. Kyle ended up doing most of the tiling (I only helped with a few tiles). He always sees the imperfections though, but I thought it all turned out great. Usually we are our own biggest critics!

  7. plumbing says:

    I’m looking forward to your bathroom. I hope it would turn out the way you want it.

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