Bathroom Progress and a New Project

On April 21, 2009, I painted the inside of the medicine cabinet for our master bathroom. I did it on the balcony which you can see is being used as a construction site for the time being.

While I was doing that, Kyle was framing the shower in the master bathroom:

In this photo, you can see that Kyle already started putting cement board on the floor 2x4s:

When the bathroom kind of got to a point where I wasn’t of much help, I decided to start a new project that was very much needed. A closet in the “Office”. Yep, I was going to build a closet All By Myself! Kyle was pretty much doing the shower all by himself, so I wanted to do something impressive as well. We didn’t really take very good pictures of this process because there was so much junk in the room that you couldn’t stand far enough away to get a good shot.

Here I have the wanescoting removed in the location of the closet. Then I propped up the 2x4s I was going to use to frame this little closet.

Kyle always takes pictures of me when my underwear is showing, so I did a little censorship for ya!

Oh my gosh! There’s that scary circular saw again!!!

Now we’re back to Kyle’s progress on the shower. He’s putting up cement board (which is what you’re supposed to put behind tiles (instead of drywall). We got the cheap kind which is called “Wonderboard”.

Here’s the floor of the master bathroom with cement board down. You can also see that Kyle put the shower liner in, which you also have to put in a shower before you put mortar and tiles down. You can also see on the far upper left of the photo where Kyle finally put some support studs where he had to remove them before to make room for the pipes.

Then when the first coat of paint dried on the medicine cabinet, I came back to the balcony to paint another coat.

I wasn’t smart because I used flat paint, which isn’t good for moisture (shower steam, for instance). So before we put the house on the market, I ended up painting another coat with glossier white paint (satin to be exact).

So that’s what we did on April 21, 2009! Progress on the bathroom, and the start of the much needed office closet (for all our junk!). here to leave a comment!

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12 Responses to 'Bathroom Progress and a New Project'

  1. Ashley says:

    It’s funny the stuff we learn (like flat paint vs glossy)! We did a lot of things when we first moved in that I’m now like…wait a minute…
    Ashley recently posted..Vanity VanityMy Profile

    • Lisha says:

      Yep, you learn A LOT remodeling your own house. I love seeing your blog and catching up with all the things you do on your house!


  2. Ooooh it’s really coming along! I’m loving how big the shower is already.
    Shannon @ Bungalow960 recently posted..ReasonsMy Profile

    • Lisha says:

      Thanks Shannon. Yeah, it’s hard to tell, but it was a very roomy shower 🙂 It ended up being about 3 feet by 6 feet.

  3. I can’t believe you guys did all that work yourselves! You guys seriously are awesome!
    Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication recently posted..To King or Not to KingMy Profile

  4. Geez I’m impressed!! Go you for taking on a big project on your own!! And as far as lowering the ceiling, I would’ve done the same in those circumstances! 🙂

  5. Louise Edu says:

    I swear, you guys make it look soo easy! I luv it! And I luv the wanescoting! That’s what I want in my dream bathroom. Loving the progress!

    Louise Edu recently posted..Our Story – Chapter 4My Profile

    • Lisha says:

      well, the wanescoting is in the office, which I love as well! We ended up just putting in a chair rail in the downstairs bathroom and we’ll show more of that when the time comes 🙂

  6. Amy says:

    You guys are doing a great job! I am a new homeowner myself and it is a lot of work fixing up a house. I am a new follower through Linky, I can’t wait to see more after pictures!
    Amy recently posted..Linky Follower Party Blog HopMy Profile

    • Lisha says:

      Hi Amy, yes it is SO MUCH work fixing up a house. Almost no matter what you do, if it goes beyond painting, it’s going to take a good chunk of time. Congrats on your new home! Thanks for following, I’m gonna go check out your blog now 🙂


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