Redneck Monster Truck Fun

Hi everyone, it’s Kyle, the other half of one couple (the one on the left).  It’s my turn to give Lisha a little break, so I will tell you about our trip to see the monster trucks at the statium.  I work at our local motorcycle shop while I am not fixing up our house, and sometimes we get free tickets to an event at the statium.  So I grabbed Lisha and we went to see the monster trucks.


We are patiently waiting for the start of the event.


After the introductions they start with the racing.  Two trucks will race around the course and the winner moves on to the finals.


Monster mutt is one of the good trucks, with a good driver.  She normally does good.  Yep, a girl drives this truck.



Another one of the trucks racing by.  The pictures are blurry because they are moving pretty fast.




This is Grave digger, if you didn’t already know.  He is the most well known and wins the most, almost too much.  It almost seems fixed. Grave digger wins a lot!



After the Monster truck racing is over they start the half time shows, so to speak.  They start with a good ol’ destruction derby/race.



Not only are they trying to race around the course, but they also try to smash into each other to win.  Looks like the “cops” aren’t doing too good here.  Road block?



Looks like the Duke boys have got themselves in a real pickle.  Anything goes in a destruction derby.


This might look like your morning commute, but it isn’t, just some more redneck racing.



I don’t think insurance is going to pay for that one.



With the help of a tractor the Duke boys live to race again.



And the winner is….the car with only the front half missing.



Next up was a little free style motocross.



These guys are crazy.  Don’t worry, he landed just fine.



Ramps were brought in so the bikes could jump the cars and get high enough to do these crazy tricks.



Stoppy.(like a wheelie but with the back wheel off the ground instead of the front wheel)



Not only are the trucks fun to watch, but the crowd can be quite entertaining as well.  Now that’s a sweet mullet!  You know you are a redneck when…



Just some good old boys watching some big trucks.  Who knows, his dad might be one of the drivers.



Now the main event.  Monster truck free style.  They get 1.5 minutes to do whatever they want.



It might not look like much, but it is fun watching these trucks jump and smash things.



This truck is doing one of the biggest jumps.   Hope he makes it.  He does.



Getting out of control over two wrecked cars is always a crowd favorite.


Smashing cars is fun no matter how old you are.(at least for boys)



That is a big truck doing a big jump.  They have a lot of power and can really do some amazing things.


The Monster truck free style is always the crowd pleaser, and it is worth waiting until the end to see.  Well, that was a night of fun and excitement for us.  If you haven’t been to a Monster truck jam I would recommend seeing one, at least once.  Thanks and I hope you enjoyed.


*A note from Lisha: This was my first time at a Monster Truck Jam. I also have not been to one since. It was pretty crazy for me to see those big trucks doing those huge jumps. It was actually quite amazing and very entertaining. And one of the highlights was when we saw the guys in fake mullets. Yeah, they were fake. We live in San Diego, not some hillbilly place like Alabama (no offense if that’s where you live).

Kyle’s acting like he’s all modest when he talks about the crazy tricks the motorcycle guys were doing. The fact is, Kyle used to do things like that. I will have to steal some pics from his parents and scan them so I can show you some of his crazy stunts! (His mom still uses film cameras… yep, the old fashioned kind). Thank you to my hubby. It felt so amazing to be in the shower while a blog post was being written!

All next week we have more house work stuff to show you. And by Friday you will see all the before and really afters of the master bedroom, including the room staged for sale in a photo taken with a wide lense camera that our realtor took.  Can’t wait to show you! Come back Monday and all next week to finish the journey of our master bedroom!


Have you ever been to a Monster Truck Jam? What’s the most hick thing you’ve ever done? Share with us in a comment!

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4 Responses to 'Redneck Monster Truck Fun'

  1. I’m a total dork and could not figure out how to leave a comment to save my life! Which is really bad, seeing as I’ve left several comments in the past. Maybe it’s the sleepiness taking over my ability to function properly…*yawn*

    Anyhoo, I lol’ed at those MULLETS!!! I was SO hoping they weren’t real (thanks for clarifing Lisha).

    I want to go to a monster truck rally SO VERY BADLY! It’s interesting that you posted this today too, because before I saw this post my boys happened to be playing in front of the TV when a commercial came on for a rally coming to our area soon. They got so quiet and still; they were mesmerized! They’re in a phase right now where they live and breathe for their Hot Wheels and are obsessed with anything they can drive, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the commercial caught their attention. I can’t wait to take them to a rally, maybe when they’re a bit older.

    It looks like you two had a bunch of fun! But isn’t it LOUD?? 😀
    Christina @ The Fantastic Voyage recently posted..Toddler Poop And The Joys Of ParentingMy Profile

    • Lisha says:

      yeah, that would be pretty scary if that mullet was real! It was really fun, and loud, and I think your boys would soooooooo LOVE going to a monster truck rally! It’s definitely a boy, or tomboy type thing to do! 🙂 ~Lisha

  2. Mac says:

    I used to go to the monster truck shows when I was a kid. They are so loud and so much fun. When my little ones get bigger I am going to take them. Very nice photo sequence.

    • Lisha says:

      Thanks. I have only gone to the one and it was fun, but it might be enough for me… I’ll go again if we have the chance, but I’m not aching to go 😉

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