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Hey everyone,

Today I wanted to simply let everyone now how we go about magically transforming our house the way we do, and talk a bit about how Kyle and I work together. We know you are all in awe of how fast we can accomplish things, but it’s because we’re publishing posts with pictures about things we did almost 3 years ago. So, it seems like it’s going by really fast, but for us it really wasn’t. To help me explain this, I wanted to answer Ashley’s questions (from First Home Dreams) from a comment she left on yesterday’s post.

Here is Ashley’s comment she left on our post about rearranging all our bathroom elements:

“You guys really seemed to just power through things, it’s insane!


Did you both work full time?
Was this all done in one day?
Do you fight!? Ahaha.”

Question 1: Did you both work full time?


Well, during this part of the home renovation, we were working on the house during the weekends, because we both had full time jobs. It actually seemed to take forever at first because of this. We also had a huge learning curve because neither Kyle nor myself has ever remodeled anything. Kyle works on cars, and I know how to fix a running toilet. That was the extent of our knowledge base. But we knew that we are two people who can figure stuff out, and we fully believe in ourselves and our ability to accomplish anything we set our minds to.

It took us about 6 months to finish the master bedroom and 6 months to finish the master bathroom. The stairs also took a very long time to fully complete. Other than that we were power houses and the rest of the house took an astonishingly small amount of time compared to the amount of work involved.  But we were able to do that because we both didn’t have jobs during the last 6 months of our full home remodel, and during that time and we worked probably about an average of 6 days a week on the house. However, I am still impressed to this day how quickly we finished the entire kitchen renovation/remodel (one month! plus an extra two weeks waiting on the counters).

Question 2: Was this all done in one day?


Our rearranging the bathroom post was done in two days (3-24-09 and 3-25-09). Our weekends are mondays and tuesdays, so on Monday we must have had something else to do that day, because I think we only removed some of that drywall in the new shower area. The next day we did the window and electrical. Yesterday’s post, Potty Town Break Down, was all done in one day (3-18-09), so we removed a wall, a tub, and almost all of the floor tile in one day. That was definitely a more hardcore day 🙂

Question 3: Do you fight!? Ahaha.


We actually rarely fight. Well, we never actually fight. Unless you call me giving him the silent treatment for 20 minutes fighting. I think the reason we get along so well mostly has to do with Kyle. He usually just agrees with me to avoid an argument, and then I tell him to argue with me if he doesn’t agree, because I think it’s okay to have disagreements, and I want us to compromise (I don’t want to just get what I want all the time just because he doesn’t want to argue about it). It’s really HOW you disagree that makes a difference. Every couple is going to have disagreements. You’re two different people. But I’m not cool with yelling, hitting, blaming, name-calling, put-downs, or any of that kind of thing, and Kyle and I refuse to allow that stuff to come into our relationship. I’m fine with arguing about something to come to a mutual agreement, whereas Kyle would rather just let me have my way than argue. So, many times, I end up arguing with him about how he doesn’t argue with me. lol! But the cool thing is that I think we really found a good match in each other, because we actually agree about most things, whether it be about design choices, or about moral values.

We hope you got to learn more about us in this post, and we hope we cleared up a few curiosities about our awesomeness. No, we’re really not as awesome as we let on, but we can’t let you all know that, right? lol.

Have a great weekend and come back Monday for more DIY goodness.

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    Thanks for answering my questions!!
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