Floor Moulding and Electrical Sockets

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Floor Moulding and Electrical Sockets

So, we got a comment from Reuben at weekendrenovators.com saying that we were rebels for installing carpet before baseboards. Yep, simply put, that’s just what we wanted to do (yes, even though many people advise to do carpet last). We didn’t make any mess on the carpet from installing or painting the floor moulding, and for us this just seemed easier. I’d probably do it the same way again.

So today we’re going to discuss floor moulding. And yet again, we chose the cheapest to install (plus it was the type that was already used around our house).

*photo taken from homedepot.com


Currently as I write this, this floor moulding costs just 57 cents per linear foot. Sometimes it goes up to about 62 cents a foot. The price changes on things like this and wood items at Home Depot.


Here’s Kyle cutting the floor moulding to size (in his slippers and all).





Here’s some of the floor moulding installed. The little thing in the corner is the cable cord. You can also see that Kyle needs to make an adjustment to the French doors because they aren’t exactly on there straight. Every time we took the doors off and put them back on, they would get all disjointed. Eventually he fixed them so they were all good.



Below is me replacing an electrical outlet. We had to do this to about half of the electrical outlets in the house. The wiring on this house was horrible and not to code. And many times there was no ground wire. You’re probably thinking, “Don’t you need to be a licensed electrician to do things like that???” Um, no. Actually, electricity is one of the simplest things to figure out. It’s all logic. Everything is just three wires. Also, outlets come with instructions, and you can look online if you run into any issues. Just make sure you turn off the electricity before you decide to do anything like this! And I will also recommend to consult an electrician just so I’m not liable for any of you who get electrocuted because you thought you could do it yourself after reading this post! But seriously, if you turn off the electricity, you won’t be electrocuted…



I was very proud of my work:





Here’s another pic of another electrical outlet I replaced, along with some more floor moulding in place.




And here are some other cool pictures I took this day, when the weather wasn’t so dry, lol! By the look of these pics, it looks like we live in some tropical place (which is definitely not the case).









Come back tomorrow and you’ll see us move in all our master bedroom furniture! And on Friday I will reveal the staged master bedroom!!!




What would  you do first? Carpet or Floor Moulding? Don’t worry, you won’t hurt our feelings if you’d do carpet last 🙂

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8 Responses to 'Floor Moulding and Electrical Sockets'

  1. I hate replacing outlets. I leave that to Andy. The ones that we replaced in the dining room are crooked because the boxes in the walls were put in crooked and we didn’t want to have to cut into our plaster walls. Oh the joys of an old home!
    Shannon @ Bungalow960 recently posted..my boyfriend is talentedMy Profile

    • Lisha says:

      yep, there are always issues in an old house. But I’ve realized that even new homes have problems too and it’s just because the builders didn’t take their time (poor craftsmanship).

  2. Ashley says:

    We deal with crooked outlet boxes, too, Shannon! Although for us, we don’t care about hacking up the plaster since all of the keys are broken and it’s falling off of the lath anyway!
    Ashley recently posted..Bathroom BonanzaMy Profile

  3. Reuben says:

    Replacing outlets (and other electric stuff) is probably my favorite DIY chore. Honestly. I could do it all day. I shoulda been an electrician….
    Reuben recently posted..Adjusting a Toilet BallcockMy Profile

  4. The addition of the floor moulding makes everything look WAAAAAY better. Kudos to you and your DIY skills!
    Christina @ The Fantastic Voyage recently posted..Toddler Poop And The Joys Of ParentingMy Profile

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