Calling All February Sponsor Swappers

Attention Fellow Bloggers:

For February, we want to sponsor more people. So if you have a blog, email us your button and a couple sentences about yourself and your blog. You can also include a picture of yourself if you’d like. But for those that prefer online anonymity, just your button and blog description will do. I am going to post a special post and feature YOU and your blog, so email us today and let us know that you want to be featured on our blog.

The catch?

Yes, of course. We would love to be featured on your blog too!

Here’s how it works:

You email your stuff to us, and we’ll email our stuff to you. Then we each feature each other’s blogs in a blog post, and post our button’s in each other’s sidebar for the month. That’s it!

So email us today at with a picture button for our sidebar, (and a picture of yourself if you want), and a little blurb about yourself and your blog 🙂

Thanks, and we look forward to being blogging buddies!


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